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March 16, 2015
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A very interesting model, the Epson EB­U04 is designed as a compact multimedia projector, but it is equipped with the WUXGA resolution, which means it equally as appealing to business users as it is to the home theatre beginner or football fan.

WUXGA resolution

A pure home theatre projector will usually offer a full HD resolution as video content is usually in 16:9 format. The EB­U04 on the other hand is equipped with WUXGA resolution, ie 1920 x 1200 pixels which is a 16:10 format. This resolution is most commonly found in the area of installation class projectors as this is increasingly being used for high­resolution presentations. However, since this resolution goes above and beyond the full HD resolution, it can lend itself just as well to a home entertainment environment. Thus, the Epson EB­U04 is an excellent crossover device, which can be used for different applications.

Light & compact

Compared to the previously available projectors with WUXGA resolution, the Epson EB-
U04 is a fraction of the size. With dimensions of 29.7 x 24.4 x 7.7 cm (WxDxH) it is extremely compact, even when compared to the next smallest WUXGA resolution projector in the Epson range, the EB­1985WU. It weighs a mere 2.6 kg, so it is also 2 kg lighter. It also comes with a carry bag, which make it ideal for taking out and about to a presentation or alike.


Flexible placement

When arriving at a new venue, users can quickly encounter a problem with positioning of the projector. This is where the vertical and horizontal keystone correction available on the Epson EB­U04 can be very helpful. The lens of the EB­U04 is quite typical for a projector of its size, A 2m wide image is achieved at a distance of between 276 and 336cm. Thanks to its optional wireless feature, it does not have to be in cable reach to notebook or mobile device either. The optional wireless adapter ELPAP10 can be used with the Easy MP software or iProjection app.


Special features

The Epson EB­U04 offers additional practical features making use for business’ that little bit easier. These include its compatibility with the Epson DC06 document camera, which simultaneously transmits via USB the image to the projector as well as receiving power, so no separate cabling is needed. This feature is especially interesting for schools that want to replace an OHP. Another feature is the 3­in­1 USB display. This means it has the ability to send image data, sound and control commands to the projector all via a standard USB cable. This is a practical solution as an alternative to HDMI and VGA.

The EB­U04 also has a lens shutter, which serves both to protect the lens as well as AV mute slide . If you close it during projection, both the image as well as the sound is muted so the audience can focus on the presenter. Opening the slider again, the image and sound is available again. One of the two HDMI inputs on the projector is also MHL enabled. This makes it possible to connect to MHL enabled mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet with the appropriate cable to show content such as presentations and images.


Technical characteristics

As the EB ­ U04 is an Epson projector it of course uses the LCD technology. It has a light output of 3000 lumens despite its compact design and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1. In testing we were impressed with the Epson EB ­ U04 and even in Eco mode the light output is still perfectly adequate and with only 28 dB fan noise its pleasantly quiet. In terms of connections it is well stocked, with 2 HDMI inputs, VGA and RCA video along with the USB connections.


Thanks to the WUXGA resolution of the new Epson projector it offers many advantages in the business segment, especially for usage with fine detail like Excel spreadsheets or technical drawings. Since the Full HD resolution is covered in the WUXGA resolution, the U04 can also be good for movie nights, gaming or sports use. It is a real all­rounder and also one of the smallest devices of its class. Because the Epson EB ­ U04 price is very attractive, it is sure to delight many users who are looking for a compact multimedia projector with high resolution.



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