BenQ W1700 – BenQ’s new 4K UHD home cinema projector

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With the BenQ W1700, BenQ extends its product range with another 4K projector. Up until now, BenQ were only in the upscale 4K home cinema class beyond the £4000 price range. With the new BenQ W1700 the Taiwanese projector manufacturer pushes into sub £2000 bracket.

4K UHD resolution

As is usual with the current 4K DLP projectors, the BenQ W1700 uses the 4K UHD resolution with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This makes it one of the very popular 4K UHD projectors that use DLP technology. Thanks to the 4K resolution you can now enjoy movies in four times higher resolution than Full HD. The 4K resolution makes the W1700 more appealing for home theatre use, as well as for gaming with current generation game consoles like the PS4 pro.


HDR compatible

Unlike the other 4K projectors in BenQ’s range, the BenQ W1700 is now directly HDR compatible. So you can fully enjoy UHD Blu-rays to their maximum potential with the support of the High Dynamic Range providing even better contrast and colour reproduction. Thus, the BenQ projector actually offers better future proofing than some of the more expensive units in the range.

RGBRGB colour wheel

As is common with BenQ home cinema projectors, the BenQ W1700 uses an RGBRGB colour wheel. This ensures excellent colour representation, which is crucial in home theatre. In this case, it reaches a good 96% of the Rec 709 colour space, which makes for excellent colour representation.

In order to raise the picture and colour quality to the highest possible level, features such as the CinemaMaster Video + technology, the Pixel Enhancer and the Colour Enhancer are also used. These are technologies that BenQ has been successfully using with other projectors in their range.


Different modes

To get the most out of your image, BenQ W1700 offers several preset modes to choose from. These include modes such as cinema, gaming, sports, music and users. This allows you to create your own settings in addition to the preset modes.


The BenQ W1700 price is at a very attractive level. As a way to keep the costs down compared to the larger models like the BenQ W11000, the W1700 dispenses with the lens shift function. You will find automatic vertical keystone correction though, and a lens that offers a 1.2x zoom with a projection ratio of 1.47 – 1.76.



Here, the BenQ W1700 offers everything you need in your home theatre today. Regarding the playback of the 4K signal, it should be noted that only one of the two HDMI inputs supports HDCP2.2.


Finally, we can say that BenQ’s new 4K projector makes an attractive impression. Compared to the other 4K UHD projectors, the BenQ W1700 price is extremely appealing. This will probably lead to the prices of 4K projectors coming down. However, this could be at the cost of some other features, as can be seen with the BenQ W1700 losing the lens shift.

BenQ W1700

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