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November 17, 2017
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June 13, 2018

Summer is fast approaching and we no longer want to be confined to watching TV and football in the living room! You can hear your terrace or garden calling, but the TV looks lost in the wide open space. What can you do? A video projector with a screen is a great solution!

With the new celexon INF200, an inflatable outdoor screen, you can realise your outdoor viewing dreams at home! Thanks to the attractive price / performance, the INF200 is a screen that is extremely appealing and can make for the perfect home for your Euro 2021 viewing! 

Public viewing screen for the home

Of course, it is not easy to set up the projector and screen outside, because sunlight is much stronger than that of a projector. However it is still possible to watch football in the garden, the key is having a gazebo or alike that can block out plenty of sunlight around the screen.

The INF200 is just right for you to watch football in the garden with your family and friends at home or enjoy a home cinema night out in the open air. You can save almost 60% of the costs compared to the screens in the professional sector at a similar size. This makes the celexon INF200 an attractive outdoor solution for private users, neighborhood communities or sports clubs.


In addition to its use in the private sector, the INF200 is also suitable for smaller events in companies or public institutions. Especially if the budget does not allow a high budget screen at the moment, the celexon INF200 is an attractive projection solution.

The celexon INF200 is not only interesting for outdoor use. Thanks to its light construction, it is also suitable for indoor use, for example in large conference rooms or forums where a large projection solution is needed.


Key information

Technical Data celexon INF200 Inflatable outdoor screen
Format 16:9
Gain Factor 1
Fabric type D
Visible area 310 x 174 cm
Dimensions of the frame 420 x 180 x 300 cm
Weight 15 kg
In the box PVC projection cloth, inflatable frame, electric pump, bracing accessories, repair kit


The celexon INF200 screen features a 310×174 cm projection surface. The projection screen is equipped with a type D projection screen with a gain factor of 1.0. The cloth offers a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees.

The projection screen has a black frame to improve contrast at the edge of the image. The cloth is fastened with velcro strips on the inflatable frame.

Fortunately, the inflatable frame of the screen does not need to be inflated by hand. For this purpose, a powerful fan is included. With it you can inflate the inflatable screen in no time and assembly and disassembly is possible without tools.

Since the screen is portable, it can be transported easily. Your pack size is easy to handle with 75 x 40 x 40 cm. Packed together, it weighs just 15kg. For transport, it can easily fit into a car boot.

Using the screen

In terms of construction, the celexon INF200 is nice and easy! Once unpacked, lay the frame on a flat floor. You should be sure that it is free of sharp objects that could damage the outer shell. You then attach the projection cloth to the four corners on the frame. Now start the pump and inflate the frame. After standing stably, you can then fasten the canvas cloth all the way around using the velcro. Then the outdoor cinema can begin!

The included clamping system of ropes and pegs ensures a secure hold. If you are unfortunate enough to have something create a small hole in the frame, you can fix it with the included repair kit.

Step by step

Below, we have captured the construction of the celexon INF200 in a few pictures so you can see how easy it is to build.

You only need a few tools to set up the screen. These include a hammer, a ladder and a power connection (e.g., cable drum).

First, the box is opened and the contents removed. It consists of the inflatable frame, the projection cloth, the pump and the smaller accessories such as the instructions and the ground anchors.

The inflatable frame is now rolled out and spread on the floor. Then the hose for the air supply is attached to the pump. After these preparations are made, we can blow up the frame. The fan stays on throughout use to keep the frame stable. On the inward-facing part of the frame, the air can be released via a zipper.

Once the frame is up, you can attach the tension cords to the frame and anchor it with the pegs into the ground. The celexon INF200 comes with 4 tension cords and 4 pegs. Here you should use a ladder and the hammer.

Now the projection cloth can be spread out and stretched onto the Velcro fixings of the frame. For this part, it is advisable to work with several people in order to achieve the best possible flatness.


And it is done! The inflatable INF200 is ready to go!


In conclusion, the celexon INF200 looks great as an inflatable outdoor screen. Thanks to the simple set up, the construction is quick and easy. The viewing size is well suited for groups of 30 to 50 people, depending on how they are placed in the auditorium. Thus, the outdoor screen is not only interesting for the private public viewing, but also for demonstrations for visitors of companies and institutions.

If you still need the right projector for the celexon INF200 outdoor screen, have a look at our daylight projectors!

celexon INF200

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