A guide to 4K Ultra High Definition projectors.

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January 18, 2021
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What is 4K and is it the best option for you? 

4K Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) has raised the bar for image resolution in the Home Cinema space. It’s a quantum leap forward in picture quality when it comes to Video Projection and Professional Displays.

The following information will help you decide.

Full HD 1080p Vs 4K?

4K UHD is visually a huge improvement over Full HD 1080p. With a 4K image giving you a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (or 4096 x 2160 DCI 4K) compared to Full HD’s 1920 x 1080 pixels, that’s around four times the number of pixels a Full HD 1080p image can display.

With 4K UHD you get an incredible amount of definition and clarity. It’s especially impressive on very large projector screens, so it really shines with 4K UHD projectors from the likes of Viewsonic, BenQ and Optoma for example.

How much does a 4K projector cost?

As with 1080p projectors, 4K projectors vary in overall quality and cost. They range from entry level Home Cinema 4K projectors like the ViewSonic PX701-4K and BenQ W1720 that cost around £1,000 or under, through to the High End Home Cinema models such as the Optoma UHZ65 that cost around £3,000. There is also a range of Professional Cinema DCI 4K projectors that can cost from £30,000 and beyond.

Is there enough 4K content to make the investment?

The amount of 4K content available has increased massively in recent years with the likes of Netflix, Apple and Amazon Prime now offering a range of great streaming 4K content. Sky Q offers live 4K content such as Sports as well as 4K Movies and if you would rather have physical media 4K UHD BluRay Disc would be the best option for you. The image quality of 4K streaming will vary depending on your broadband speed, so if you want the very best quality that 4K can offer a 4K UHD BluRay Disc is the way to go.

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