Payment on account for Public Sector customers

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June 14, 2022

Are you in the public sector? Contact our friendly customer service team and we can look into your eligibility for a 30 day credit account with us. Most Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government Bodies, Charitable Organisations and National Health Service organisations will be eligible, after approval just email or fax a copy of an official purchase order and we’ll do the rest! 

How to order as a public sector customer

There are plenty of options! Contact our customer service and sales team on 01508 535059, send an email enquiry through to, or use our contact form and livechat options. We will quickly be able to establish your eligibility for a 30 day credit account, then from there all we need is a purchase order form faxed or emailed over to us. Once you are set up and approved, any future orders can be sent straight over to directly to your sales contact or our general email address –

Credit accounts for business customers

Existing customers may also be eligible for credit terms. If you have placed orders with us previously and are looking to switch to a credit account, please contact our customer service and sales team who can look into this for you.

Are you looking to improve your meeting room or classroom setup? Here are some of our favourite products to revolutionise your day to day!

Samsung Flip

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The interactive whiteboard solution from Samsung is an absolute joy to use. The classic paper flipchart is a thing of the past, Samsungs Flip range can be the centrepiece of all your meeting rooms and promotes great creative collaboration. Find our more information on the whole range here, or take a look at one of our favourites, the Flip 2 WM85R.

Logitech Meetup

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Enhance your video meetings with an upgrade to that old webcam! The Logitech meetup provides 4K image quality and an extremely wide field of view that you can have total control over with the included remote control. Take a look at the whole of the Logitech camera range here, or take a look the Logitech Meetup on our website and buy now. 

Viewsonic IFP

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These superb all round displays are a complete computing solution for your meeting room or classroom. With an android based operating system built in for whiteboard, web browsing and more, you can turn these into even more powerful machines with a slot in PC to give you a full windows operating system. A real focal point for all of your meetings! We have an in depth overview of the Viewsonic IFP range here, or you can go straight to the 65” model here

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