Acer AOpen AH15

Acer AOpen AH15

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Acer AOpen AH15

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Cast movies directly from your phone to your projector no matter where you are with the compact and portable AH15 LED projector. Get crisp images with LED-enhanced brightness and color while enjoying cable-free projection. Other convenient features such as screen mirroring, Customized Audio Modes, built-in speakers, and more are also included.

Amazingly Portable

Have fun anywhere, anytime or give presentations on the go with this compact, palm-sized projector.

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your content anywhere - without needing to take an extra speaker. Set the tone with full, vibrant audio from the on-board Bluetooth speaker and ensure your movies come to life, songs have more depth, and games are more engaging.

HD Resolution

This projector offers top-of-the-line image quality in crisp 720p HD resolution. A 100” image of pure beauty in 720p HD looks real and alive.

Enhanced LED Color Gamut

Enjoy a 1.2–1.4x wider NTSC color gamut and greater bulb durability than traditional lamps with LED lighting.

Integrated Speakers

What you hear will be just as good as what you see with the powerful built-in speakers.

  • Product dimensions (height): 13.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 8.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 8.6 cm
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