Acer X1328WH

Acer X1328WH
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Product description

Acer X1328WH

Suitable for
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  • 60% School

The projector for every requirement

  • Resolution: WXGA (1,280 x 800 px)
  • Brightness: 4,500 (standard), 3,600 (eco) ANSI lumens
  • Contrast: 20,000:1
  • Lifetime max. (hrs.): 6,000 (standard), 10,000 (eco), 15,000 (ExtremeEco)

Acer ColorBoost 3D

Acer ColorBoost 3D: Acer ColorBoost 3D is the innovative combination of a continuously improved image processing algorithm, the latest DLP chipset, an optimised 6-segment colour wheel design and advanced light control technology. As a result, Acer projectors are able to project absolutely lifelike colours throughout their entire life cycle - in both 2D and 3D modes.

Acer Colour Safe II

Acer ColourSafe II guarantees consistent, brilliant and natural colour projection throughout the life of the projector. This is guaranteed by the use of DLP® technology and a 5-year warranty on the DLP® chip. Projectors without DLP® technology will lose colour brilliance over time.

HDMI Power On

With the HDMI Power On function, the projector is able to switch on automatically as soon as the projector receives a signal via HDMI or VGA. You no longer need to start the projector separately, you can simply switch on your notebook, receiver or games console and the projector will automatically switch on as well.

Automatic keystone correction

With automatic vertical keystone correction, the Acer projector automatically compensates for trapezoidal distortion and projects a rectangular image if the projector is not set up exactly vertically.

AC Power On

With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to switch on automatically as soon as power is supplied to the projector. You no longer need to switch on the projector separately, but can start it directly by switching on the power in the meeting room, for example.

Auto Ceiling Mount Correction

Auto Ceiling-Mount Correction: The built-in gravity sensor in the Acer projector detects when it is mounted overhead on a ceiling and automatically rotates the projection 180° without any additional settings in the menu.

Top Loading Lamp Design

The Top-Loading Lamp Design provides easy lamp replacement for overhead ceiling installations via the top of the cabinet without having to disconnect the Acer projector from the mount.

Bluelight Shield

BluelightShield allows users to lower the level of blue light to reduce the negative effects of blue light exposure. There are three filter levels in the projector to suit different scenarios. Each level also contains a dynamic mechanism that optimises the blue light level depending on the content. BluelightShield can reduce up to 30% blue light and protect your eyes.

Acer Smart Format Technology

Acer SmartFormat technology supports a wide range of input signals, eliminating the need for switching at the notebook/PC, DVD player and receiver. Signals up to 1080p can be accepted and compressed for playback by Acer ColorBoost projectors with HDMI using Acer SmartFormat technology.

Original 24p playback

Experience true cinema with 24 frames per second, the Acer projector plays back Blu-Ray movies in the original cinema format without judder, just as it was shot on the film set. See movies at 24p through the eyes of the director.

Installation menu

With the help of the installation menu, the Acer projector can be perfectly aligned to the surface to be projected without taking much time. The installation menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button even when no source is connected to the projector.

Wall Colour Compensation

Wall-Colour Compensation: Best picture quality is achieved by wall colour correction on coloured projection surfaces such as blackboards and wallpaper. 5 optimised wall colours can be easily compensated for without any further adjustments via the menu for best picture quality.

PIN Security

Acer PIN Security offers the possibility to protect the Acer projector from unauthorised use and theft by setting a PIN. A lost PIN can only be reset by Acer Service after verification of ownership.

Auto Shutdown

The Auto Shutdown function automatically shuts down the Acer projector if no input signal is received after a preset time. This function is individually adjustable via the menu and helps to save power and lamp hours.

  • Product dimensions (height): 11.4 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 31.3 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 24 cm
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