Acer XL1320W

Acer XL1320W
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Product description

Acer XL1320W

Suitable for
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  • 30% School

The laser projector for every requirement

With the Acer XL1320W laser projector you will experience all the advantages of laser projection in connection with vivid colors thanks to sRGB & Rec. 709. Thanks to WXGA resolution and incredible dynamic black contrast of 2,000,000: 1, your presentation or the Netflix series appears in a new light . If you were undecided about switching to the laser projector, now is the time to switch. The XL1320W can be switched on and off instantly

Light technology: laser diode

Resolution: WXGA (1,280 x 800 px

Brightness: 3,100 (standard), 2,480 (eco) ANSI lumens

Contrast: 2,000,000: 1

Service life max. (Hours): 20,000 (standard), 30,000 (eco)

AC power on

With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to switch itself on automatically as soon as the projector is supplied with power. You no longer need to switch the projector on separately, you can start it directly, e.g. by switching on the power in the meeting room.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique for reproducing a larger dynamic range of luminosity. It preserves the details in the darkest and lightest areas and offers a similar luminance range so that the color is close to the real picture. The extended contrast and the larger brightness range ensure true-to-life colors.

HDMI Power On

With the HDMI Power On function, the projector is able to switch itself on automatically as soon as the projector receives a signal via HDMI or VGA. You no longer need to start the projector separately, you can simply switch on your notebook, receiver or game console and the projector will also switch on automatically.

Auto Ceiling Mount Correction

Auto Ceiling-Mount Correction: The integrated gravity sensor in the Acer projector detects when it has been mounted upside down on a ceiling and automatically rotates the projection by 180 ° without any additional settings in the menu.

Acer soccer mode

With the Acer soccer mode you bring the stadium into your home. The mode automatically adjusts the image brightness, saturation and sharpness as well as the gamma values ​​so that skin tones are projected even more real and green tones are projected even more vividly. Ideal for football fans and sports enthusiasts.

Individual start screen

The customizable startup screen allows you to create an individual startup screen using a screenshot. This start screen, regardless of whether it is the company logo for the business user or the favorite photo of a home user, is automatically displayed when the projector is started.

24/7 use

This projector promises the highest level of reliability and reliably delivers a brilliant image even in 24/7 continuous use. This projector can be used carefree especially for signage applications or for exhibitions in museums or the like.

360 ° projection

The 360 ​​° projection offers you maximum flexibility and enables you to use the projector in all positions and to realize interesting installations. For example, you can project from the ceiling of the room onto the floor or a table, or you can mount the projector on the side to project upright.


HDMI 3D: The integrated HDMI 1.4a standard enables the transmission of 3D content from suitable playback devices such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D set-top boxes and 3D game consoles without the need for an additional PC. With the help of the Acer Bluray 3D shutter glasses, 3D films and 3D TV programs can be displayed in your own living room up to a diagonal of 7.62 meters (300 ").

Acer Smart Format technology

The Acer SmartFormat technology supports a large number of input signals, which means that switching on the notebook / PC, DVD player and receiver is no longer necessary. Acer ColorBoost projectors with HDMI can accept signals up to 1080p using Acer SmartFormat technology and reproduce them in compressed form.

Original 24p playback

Experience true cinema with 24 frames per second, the Acer projector smoothly reproduces Blu-Ray films in the original cinema format, as it was shot on the film set. See movies at 24p through the eyes of the director.

Instant pack

InstantPack guarantees the lamp safety of the Acer ColorBoost projectors. The current lamps from well-known manufacturers such as Osram and Philips are not damaged in the event of a sudden power loss. (Acer recommends powering the projector until the fan stops)

Installation menu

With the help of the installation menu, the Acer projector can be perfectly aligned to the surface to be projected without spending a lot of time. The installation menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button, even if no source is connected to the projector.

Wall Color Compensation

Wall-Color Compensation: The best image quality enables wall color correction on colored projection surfaces such as

  • Product dimensions (height): 11.9 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 33.7 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 26.5 cm
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