BenQ LU930

BenQ LU930
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BenQ LU930

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Corporate Laser Projector with 5000lm, WUXGA | LU930

Leveraging the industry-leading BlueCore laser technology.BenQ’s LU930 superior conference room projector is capable of projecting the best quality images during corporate meetings. LU930 features a 92% Rec.709 color coverage, high precision lens and certified IP5X dustproof mechanism to guarantee an ultra-high level of image quality while reducing maintenance costs. To meet the high demand for efficiency and convenience during corporate meetings, LU930 can be paired up with optional wireless devices. By equipping it with LAN control capability, LU930 also further enhances the convenience in device management for corporate IT managers.


BlueCore laser technology

BenQ is the leading international manufacturer of DLP projectors. The LU930 represents our entire portfolio of innovative BlueCore laser projectors for use in companies. With the LU930, the brilliant resolution of a WUXGA projection as media support for professional presentations is also available to your company.


Excellent brightness - Precision guided high power laser source

The zero deviation of the BlueCore laser diodes increases the luminous flux within the light channel and improves the luminous efficacy.

Superior performance - secondary colour wheel with yellow infusion

Dual synchronized BlueCore colour wheels use an additional yellow segment and stimulate precise RGBY spectra for optimal colour performance.

Enormous durability - Hermetically sealed DLP chip

The DLP chip is made up of over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light from rotating colour wheels and is hermetically sealed to withstand dirt and heat for over 20,000 hours without degradation.


Dual colour wheel system for optimal colour performance

The powerful BlueCore laser projection of the LU930 is only possible thanks to a dual colour wheel system. Two independently working colour wheels make maximum use of all colour values ​​of the RGBY projection and improve their saturation in order to guarantee optimal colour performance over the long term. With a coverage of 92% for the Rec.709 colour space, a correspondingly high colour gamut and the purity of the RGBY colour values, the LU930 significantly improves colour saturation and ensures consistent colour performance and thus a professional presentation look.


Advanced infographic mode

The extended infographic mode masters the projection of optically demanding, sharp and easily readable presentations, graphics and diagrams with flying colours! In particular, it emphasizes texts and small graphic details in pin-sharp detail. In combination with the high brightness of the LU930 and a coverage of the Rec.709 colour space of 92%, a significantly richer and more vivid colour performance is achieved than in normal presentation mode. The additionally available Vivid mode is also designed for optimal colour performance of videos or animated images, ideal for darkened meeting rooms.


High brightness and LumiExpert ™: ambient light detector for maximum visual comfort

The high brightness of the LU930 of 5,000 ANSI lumens enables all participants of meetings and conferences, presentations and lectures to follow in well-lit medium-sized meeting rooms (approx. 20 - 40 people). The new LumiExpert ™ technology from BenQ Corporate Project automatically determines the ambient lighting conditions in the conference room and adjusts the brightness of the projector in order to optimize the overall clarity of the projection and thus the viewing comfort of the audience to a maximum. Whether in a relatively dark meeting room or in a bright office, LumiExpert ™ permanently ensures optimal lighting and viewing conditions.


The LU930's laser power unleashes ultra-high contrasts

The BlueCore LU930 laser projector produces unbeatably clear images with a high contrast rate of 3,000,000: 1. It creates real, deep blacks, lively and rich colour values ​​as well as the finest, razor-sharp details. The quick switch-on function of the LU930 saves you waiting times during commissioning or when you wake up from hibernation and thus offers highly flexible performance.


Strong performance and lifespan of 20,000 hours

The BlueCore laser projectors from BenQ guarantee first-class image quality and performance over a lifespan of 20,000 hours. The laser light source resists colour decay for a long time and so the BenQ laser projectors are ideal for multi-layer projections - you do not have to worry about deviations or differences in brightness compared to neighbouring projectors.


Effortless setup for instant wireless presentations from smart devices

To meet the growing need for BYOD applications in companies, the QCast Mirror HDMI dongle from BenQ offers the possibility of wirelessly sharing Full HD content in meetings from any mobile device or laptop. The LU930 has a hidden slot for the QCast Mirror dongle that fits perfectly and looks like an integral part of the hardware.


360 ° and portrait format projections on various projection surfaces

BlueCore laser technology guarantees reliable projections from every angle. Dynamic installation options such as 360 ° rotation or portrait images allow projections on ceilings, walls, on the floor or at unusual angles.


1.6x zoom and lens shift for more installation flexibility

The LU930's 1.6x zoom makes it easy for many companies to replace obsolete projectors with one or more BenQ BlueCore laser projectors. The focus is on economy and user comfort, so that in future you can easily continue to use the existing ceiling brackets to project large-format images in a confined space. The 1.6x zoom enables the LU930 to be mounted anywhere between 3.5 and 5.6 meters from the screen and to project images of 120 ". This corresponds to an optimal image size for conference rooms in many companies , so that expensive renovation or installation failures are eliminated.


Horizontal and vertical lens shift

The LU930's horizontal and vertical lens shift makes it easy to adjust the image of the projector regardless of its position. Adverse installation or placement conditions are a thing of the past.

  • Product dimensions (height): 16.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 41.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 35.1 cm
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