BenQ W2700i

BenQ W2700i
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BenQ W2700i

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BenQ W2700i

Smart UHD home theater projector

4K UHD resolution

Access to Google PlayStore, thanks to the Google certified QS01

HDR PRO: Extended dynamic range

One remote control for all functions

Cinematic Color ™ (98% Rec. 709)

CinemaMaster Video + (4K MEMC and better detail display)

Calibrated at the factory

The W2700i beams you straight into the future: action-packed films and digital content on demand

Embark on a journey into the world of premium home theater. The W2700i from BenQ is the perfect companion for you and your family. The world's first 4K home cinema projector with Google-certified Android TV gives you access to your absolute favorite films, TV shows, games and sporting events via the Google Play Store. With the wireless projector W2700i from BenQ you can design your AV room individually without tangled cables and additional adapters.

A projector - unlimited entertainment

Films, shows, sports, gaming and live TV: the W2700i Smart Beamer with Android operating system gives you access to the most extensive entertainment library on the market. Via the user-friendly user interface, you can quickly and easily access the Google Play Store and access the wide range of home entertainment.

DCI-P3 in wide format: A real competition for cinemas

The CinematicColor ™ technology from BenQ ensures optimized color reproduction and thus guarantees high-precision image quality. The DCI-P3 color space used by the American film industry is covered by 95%. This surpasses the Rec. 709 color standard in terms of color gamut. Thanks to the DCI-P3, the W2700i impresses with authentic picture quality and great color precision, just as the directors wanted.

Lifelike, lifelike and realistic color reproduction with Auto HDR

The exclusive Auto HDR technology from BenQ is used in the CinePrime home cinema projector W2700i. As a result, it achieves breathtaking quality in 4K HDR images with a particularly lifelike color performance - perfectly controlled, for immersive immersion in the film environment. Pale and visually unimportant scenes or overdrawn green and red tones, as they occur with conventional projectors with unbalanced color temperature, are a thing of the past with the W2700i!

Pre-calibrated at the factory: absolute color precision "out-of-the-box"

Professional software meticulously checks the individual values ​​of the CinePrime home theater projector W2700i. Then the D65 color temperature, the gamma value, black and white level, the neutral gray, the RGBCMY hue as well as the saturation, brightness and output are precisely set by various interfaces based on ITU-R DCI-P3 / Rec. 709.

Visual calibration with the ISFccc® certificate

The renowned ISFccc® Certified Visual Calibration of the Imaging Science Foundation is integrated in the W2700i, so that the image and color performance as well as preset light modes for day and night can be adapted to each room.

Extremely realistic video quality with HDR PRO ™

The exclusive HDR PRO ™ technology from BenQ, specially tailored for projectors, has HDR10 & HLG support. The innovative Auto HDR color reproduction with cinema-inspired technology offers more brightness, stronger contrasts and image optimization all in one, bringing every detail of 4K video content to the screen.

Developed for a refined visual experience

To create the optimal cinema atmosphere, the W2700i offers refined film modes. These improve your home cinema experience and present films according to the directors' ideas.

The 4K UHD resolution of the CinePrime home cinema projector W2700i from BenQ with 8.3 million pixels in perfection

The BenQ CinePrime home cinema projector W2700i uses a revolutionary 0.47 “single DMD chip, which integrates perfectly into the smooth, compactly designed housing. Thanks to the modern housing, the W2700i is a real eye-catcher for your own home theater. Using the built-in DLP technology, the W2700i projects huge images in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160). The 4K UHD resolution - four times higher than Full HD in 1080p - prevents the annoying blurring of individual pixels and delivers breathtaking image clarity and precise representation of the smallest details.

4K-optimized lens arrangement: 10 precision lenses in 8 groups

The home cinema projector with Android TV makes use of ten ultra-high-resolution lenses, which are divided into eight groups and enclosed in high-quality metal housings with cell frames. Its high light transmission exceeds the technology used for Full HD many times over. The W2700i thus guarantees long-lasting 4K intensity with breathtaking color performance, brilliance and sharpness across the entire screen.

Simple and functional lifestyle design

The simple housing of the W2700i home cinema projector and its slim, compact profile combine aesthetics and simplicity

  • Product dimensions (height): 12.7 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 38 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 26.3 cm
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