Casio projectors for your school

Longevity, energy efficiency and low operating costs - these are just some of the reasons why Casio projectors are particularly interesting for use in your school.

Advantages of the long-lasting Casio projectors

Thanks to the innovative laser and LED hybrid light sources, Casio projectors are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.They can be operated for up to 20,000 hours without maintenance, which during the same period with a traditional mercury vapor lamp projector, you could need nine new lamps! The mercury-free laser and LED hybrid projectors offer up to 4 times longer runtime than projectors with conventional lamps. Since the operating costs are very low, the Casio projectors are ideal for use in your school. The laser and LED hybrid projectors make your school life easier, save costs and protect the environment!

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Benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive operation
  • Long lifetime
  • Brilliant colour reproduction
  • Energy efficient
  • 24/7 continuous use
  • Direct On / Off
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
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Overview of the Casio series

Core series

  • Cost-effective & mercury-free projections
  • Ideal for entry level use
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Green Slim

Advanced Series

  • Perfect & bright all-round talent
  • Ideal for installations and mobile use
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Casio Advanced Serie

Ultra Short Throw Serie

  • Ultra-short projection ratio & whisper-quiet
  • Ideal for use with any whiteboard
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Casio Ultra Short Throw Serie

The laser and LED hybrid technology

The laser and LED hybrid technology developed by Casio is mercury-free and energy-saving. The advanced semiconductor light source technology allows you to achieve a light output of more than 2,000 lumens.


TCO-certified models

Die vier Casio Modelle XJ-V100W, XJ-V110W, XJ-F100W und XJ-F210WNWith Casio projectors you save money! Compared to projectors with a conventional lamp, Casio's long-lasting Education projectors offer up to 4 times longer runtime. Calculate your potential savings with the Casio cost calculator now.


Save energy and costs

Mit Casio Beamern sparen Sie bares Geld! Im Vergleich zu Projektoren mit herkömmlicher Lampe bieten Ihnen die langlebigen Education Projektoren von Casio eine bis zu 4-fach längere Laufzeit. Errechnen Sie jetzt Ihr Einsparpotenzial mit dem Casio cost calculator.



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