Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera 4K, 13MP, 30fps, 120° FOV, 5x Zoom

Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera 4K, 13MP, 30fps, 120° FOV, 5x Zoom
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Product description

Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera 4K, 13MP, 30fps, 120° FOV, 5x Zoom

Logitech MeetUp camera is equipped with a premium camera lens that provides an extremely wide field of view. It reaches 120° diagonally, 113° horizontally and 80.7° vertically.

The Logitech MeetUp is an all-in-one conference camera for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms, with a 120° field of view and 4K Ultra-HD resolution.

Find out here which video conference system suits your room!

All-in-one 4K-Ultra-HD Conference Camera

The Logitech MeetUp camera is equipped with a premium camera lens that provides an extremely wide field of view. It reaches 120° diagonally, 113° horizontally and 80.7° vertically. The trick here is that there is no "fish eye" effect and all faces look lifelike. Even with the persons sitting very close in front of the camera. Due to the resolution up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 FPS) and the 5x zoom, even the smallest details are displayed very clearly and every speaker is perfectly staged. For example, if you often use a whiteboard or flipchart in your conferences or presentations, they are often too far away and difficult to read. Thanks to the advanced 4K image sensor in combination with the zoom, any visual material will be clearly visible.

The MeetUp lets you make 3 camera presets, which the camera adjusts to certain positions at the push of a button. For example, if you want to take a shot alone on the whiteboard, one on the entire conference table and one on a single person, this is no problem. The motorised pan and tilt function and RF remote control make this a breeze.

Logitech MeetUp

Beamforming microphones

The integrated microphones of MeetUp have an audio range of 4 meters. They are factory-coupled with a broadside beamforming algorithm that directs the microphones directly at the speakers. This ensures very low distortion and the best possible voice capture. In addition, an acoustic echo suppression system and a speech pause detection system operate in the background to further enhance the audio capture.

The recommended number of participants is limited to 6 persons with the integrated microphones. If this value is not sufficient for you, you can increase the number to 8 participants and an audio range of 5 meters with the additional microphone.

Exceptional sound experience

The MeetUp speakers are equipped with a patent-pending vibration-damped housing. This specially developed housing ensures that the sound conditions are precisely tuned to a small huddle room. The speakers are individually adjustable to ensure that meetings not only look good but also sound good.

A built-in algorithm in the MeetUp to limit the peak level prevents even brief overdriving of the speakers. This makes distortion a thing of the past.

RightSense Technologies

Logitech's RightSense technologies automatically and easily enhance video conferencing. RightSight makes sure that the camera's zoom setting is adjusted so that all participants can clearly see the image. RightLight technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the image so everything looks great, even in low light. RightSound automatically optimizes voice transmission to ensure clear, intelligible conversations in a conference.

Bluetooth for more freedom

The MeetUp offers you the possibility to connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. In this way, mobile applications and spontaneous conferences are also upgraded quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

Your mobile phone or tablet can also be used as a remote control. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone/tablet and the Logi Remote App (available at Google Play and iTunes).

Stylish mounting

There are several possibilities for mounting the MeetUp, which is just 400 mm long and weighs 1.04 kg. The box includes a wall mount and the necessary equipment. However, the conference camera can also be placed on your stand under a display or monitor. A TV mount is also available as an option. This allows you to mount the camera above or below a screen. However, installation below a screen generally provides the most natural video experience. Logitech MeetUp

Compatibility and certification

The MeetUp video conferencing system allows you to connect to existing computers via USB plug and play, which makes it possible to start a conference even faster. The camera is also certified for Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Cortana and Cisco Jabber. 

However, if your favourite application is compatible with a USB webcam, MeetUp is a great choice.

The box

The MeetUp conference camera's set up is manageable thanks to the all-in-one conference camera system. Besides the main unit, an RF remote control is included in the box. In addition, a five meter USB cable for a Plug&Play connection.

Of course, the power cable and the operating instructions are also included in the price.

A special feature is the wall bracket and the equipment for mounting, which Logitech has also included in the package. Logitech MeetUp

Conclusion: Perfectly suited for huddle rooms and small conference rooms

The Logitech MeetUp conference camera is a true all-in-one wonder that's perfect for small meetings up to 6 people. Even in the smallest of rooms, the 120° field of view means that all participants are captured and can get involved. The elegant design and small dimensions of the camera also allow it to be installed in almost any room. If all factors are combined, the price of MeetUp is at a very good level.

  • Product dimensions (height): 8.5 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 40 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 10.4 cm
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