celexon HDMI 2.0 cable - Economy Series 10m

celexon HDMI 2.0 cable - Economy Series 10m
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Product description

celexon HDMI 2.0 cable - Economy Series 10m

Celexon's high-speed HDMI cables provide fast, reliable and secure data transfer for all image formats up to UHD-4K at 60Hz according to the current HDMI 2.0a standard. Continuous 3-layer shielding over the entire cable length as well as an additional copper protection foil in the plug ensure a loss-free transmission of the picture and sound signals.

The gold-plated HDMI connector prevents oxidation of the plug contacts and thus ensures optimal transmission characteristics. In addition, our high quality standard ensures the snug fit of the contacts and prevents wobbling or slipping out of the HDMI interface.

The economy series cable is equipped with a robust but flexible plastic sheath and can be laid very flexibly. The additional kink protection at the plug prevents mechanical damage to the cable.

Key Information:

  • Cable length 10m
  • Supports HDMI version 2.0a
  • HDCP version 2.2
  • Supports all image formats up to UHD 4K with 60Hz
  • HFR 3D compatible up to 1080p
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Incl. Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • High quality gold plated plug (corrosion protection and best conductivity)
  • Optimal 3-fold shielding to avoid interference
  • Additional shielding of the HDMI connector
  • Very flexible and easy to lay
Our HDMI cables support the playback of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with high brightness differences. These have a significantly higher contrast and detail levels allowing your images to be reproduced in breathtaking quality with compatible end devices.

Independent endurance tests with full 4K resolution at 60Hz confirm that our HDMI cables always transmit picture and sound without interference even during prolonged use.

  • Product dimensions (depth) : 1,000 cm
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