DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - 4K Pro Flex MWHT

DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - 4K Pro Flex MWHT
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Product description

DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - 4K Pro Flex MWHT

DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - 4K Pro Flex MWHT

The Cinema Slimframe is the latest generation of frame screens at DELUXX. This high-quality version of our Cinema Slimframe is the result of years of development and experience in screen construction.

It has a stable, extruded aluminium frame and uses the thinnest visible frame on the market for maximum visibility with minimum installation size. With a framed edge of just 12mm, the ultra-flat framing offers a sleek and sophisticated look that's ideal for modern home cinema applications as well as commercial applications.

Its unique design is similar to a high quality LED TV, but allows a much wider viewing area. It effectively reflects incident light from the projector to the viewer and effectively absorbs ambient light to noticeably improve the brightness and contrast of the image.

It effectively protects the human eye because reflected light is proven to be healthier for the viewing eye than active light such as that emitted by a TV.

With advanced surface coating technology, the DELUXX Cinema SlimFrame frame screen looks like new for decades and has a service life of significantly more than 10 years. (for typical indoor use)

The DELUXX 4k Pro Flex screen fabric creates a very homogeneous image reflection with a wide viewing angle and makes this "TYPE D" (diffuse reflective) screen the ultimate choice for all projection systems.

The Deluxx SlimFrame 4k Pro Flex is a high quality frame screen with velvet coated 12mm cover - LED TV design up to 160".


Our 4k Pro Flex is made of PVC. Thanks to the diffuse structured coating of the surface, the incident light is scattered extremely homogeneously in all directions and the viewing angle is increased. Colours are reproduced naturally, with 1.0 Gain you get here a neutral, matt-white cloth of type D (diffuse reflecting). The surface is highly elastic and foldable. It is UV-resistant, antistatic, cleanable, moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, age-resistant and dust-repellent.

Our all-rounder for all projection types (LCD, DLP, D-ILA, LCOS etc..) and modes (long-throw, short-throw and ultra-short throw)


Fabric information:

  • 2213 x 1245m visible area
  • 1.0 Gain matte white, type D
  • Black back
  • Fine surface structure for 4K content
  • Wide 160 degree viewing angle
  • Perfect flatness and freedom from stripes
  • Extremely homogeneous illumination
  • Suitable for all projection types


Frame Information:

  • Extremely rigid, extruded aluminium frame
  • Velvet-coated 12mm frame in modern flat TV design
  • Effectively absorbs marginal reflections and conceals possible convergence problems
  • Innovative fabric fastening due to continuous, permanent spring tension
  • 45° angle connector system, easy to install
  • Up to 160" in 16:9
  • Outer frame dimensions when assembled: 2237 x 1269 x 41mm (WxHxD)
  • Product dimensions (height): 127.5 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 224.3 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 4.15 cm
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