DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Screen Tension 203 x 114cm, 92" - DARKVISION

DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Screen Tension 203 x 114cm, 92" - DARKVISION
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Product description

DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Screen Tension 203 x 114cm, 92" - DARKVISION

 DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Screen Tension - DARKVISION ALR

When it comes to the image quality in bright living rooms, the screen has almost as much impact as the projector itself. Stray light from lamps or the light reflections from white walls can cloud the home theatre experience. The solution? The Deluxx "DARKVISION" 0.8 gain contrast fabric filters out the disturbing scattered light and focuses the projection light back to the viewer.

The Deluxx DARKVISION Tension ALR is a high-quality, electric screen in a shapely matt-white housing - unobtrusive for every living room and home cinema. The fabric has been specially designed to maximize black level and improve contrast. The Deluxx Contrast Cloth increases the black value by up to a factor of 8. Experience the best your projector has to offer: Full HD and 4K HDR movies just like at the cinema is possible at home.

Deluxx's DARKVISION contrasting cloth has been developed with an extremely fine surface structure and is already suitable for 8K and almost 100% neutral in color. The lateral rope tension system allows a very good flatness and can be re-adjusted on each side if necessary.

The Deluxx Cinema Tension Electric Screen - DARKVISION comes with a wide range of accessories and is highly controllable: wireless radio and IR remote control included, but also wireless integration into your Logitech remote (codes are stored with Logitech) is no problem. In addition, there are also 5V-20V trigger input (screen goes up/down automatically when projector turns on/off) as well as professional integration via RS232 / RS485 into systems of e.g. Crestron or RTI, as well as potential-free contacts that are available. You have the choice!

Screen fabric:

  • 0.9 gain DARKVISION technology for up to 8x black level boost
  • Significantly better in-picture contrast than classic fabric surfaces
  • Extremely fine cloth structure: 8K suitable
  • Wide 150 degree viewing angle
  • Black masking
  • Dimensionally stable & rigid shaft with large diameter for optimum flatness

Assembly and design:
  • Matt white aluminium screen housing in a subtle design
  • Intelligent, inconspicuous & flexible mounting kit for wall or ceiling installation incl. drilling template
  • Integrated spirit level, screen can be fine-leveled after installation
  • Easy installation and plug & play connection Power cable via cold device coupling
  • Special, lateral tension system straightens "dog-ears"
  • Very quiet Deluxx quality tubular motor: durable, smooth and quick


ROHS, REACH, CE - 2014/53 / EU

Control of the screen:

  • Radio receiver integrated + separate infrared receiver with associated remote control
  • Side buttons on the housing with 3 functions: Up, stop and down
  • Trigger: 5V-20V (AC / DC)
  • RJ12 (RS232 / RS485 protocol) connection for RTI, Crestron, Control4 etc.
  • Potential-free contacts via RJ12

  • DELUXX rope tension Electric screen with DARKVISION ALR cloth
  • Power cable in white
  • RF remote control
  • IR remote control
  • Batteries 3 x CR2032
  • 5m trigger cable
  • IR reception eye
  • Wall / ceiling mounting bracket
  • Drilling template for perfect installation
  • Instructions & screen handling hints
  • Spirit level

  • Product dimensions (height): 10.3 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 249 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 9.5 cm
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