celexon inflatable outdoor screen INF200

celexon inflatable outdoor screen INF200
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Product description

celexon inflatable outdoor screen INF200

Experience great outdoor cinema at an unbeatable low price with the celexon inflatable outdoor screen INF200. Whether you are looking for a screen in a beer garden, at home in the garden, or an event; our canvas presents your pictures with an impressive picture diagonal of over 350cm.

Our special PVC projection cloth has a black back that block out light, meaning that light sources behind the screen have almost no disturbing influence on the projection. The finely textured surface can handle 4K UHD content without loss of quality.Thanks to the velcro strips, the attachment of the projection cloth is possible one your own, allowing for optimal fabric tension.

Key information:

  • PVC front projection cloth with black frame and light blocking back, optimised for 4k UHD content
  • Size of the screen: 310 x 174 cm (WxH)
  • 16:9 format, type D, luminance factor gain 1.0 at 120 ° BW
  • Projection cloth with velcro strips on the back
  • Dimensions of the frame: 420x180x300 cm (LxDxH)
  • Includes powerful fan
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Small packed size - 75x40x40 cm
  • Fast assembly and disassembly without tools
  • Weight: 15kg

Compared to classic folding frame screens, the celexon outdoor screen INF200 has a low weight and a small pack size and is therefore ideally suited for mobile use. The sturdy and durable nylon material is anchored by guy ropes and metal pegs in the ground.

The frame is simply spread out, with the cloth attached to the 4 corners, once the pump is connected the screen builds itself in front of you! Now all that’s left is to tension the screen with the velcro. The celexon inflatable outdoor screen INF200 is ideal for events, clubs, schools or private applications. There is nothing standing in the way of outdoor cinema

In the box:

  • PVC projection cloth
  • Inflatable frame
  • Electric pump fan
  • Bracing accessories (ropes and pegs)
  • Repair kit (patch for frame and cloth)

  • Product dimensions (height): 300 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 420 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 180 cm
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