Panasonic PT-RZ690BE with lens - Black

Panasonic PT-RZ690BE with lens - Black
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Product description

Panasonic PT-RZ690BE with lens - Black

Suitable for
  • 100% Business
  • 1 Chip DLP laser, 6,200 lm (centre) / 6,000 lm (ANSI), WUXGA
  • Quartet Colour Harmonizer technology for more accurate colour reproduction
  • Up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free operation thanks to dust-proof optical block and durable laser system
  • Supports 4K/60p signal input, separate DIGITAL LINK and LAN connectors

Create captivating visual experiences in any environment with vibrant, accurate colours, supported by 10,000 lm brightness thanks to Quartet Colour Harmonizer and 1-chipDLP™ image technology. The projectors support 4K/60p signal input, offer separate DIGITAL LINK and LAN ports and a range of lens options. The projectors are designed for easy installation with easy flexibility and, thanks to their market-leading dust-proof optical laser unit, are designed for a maintenance-free runtime of 20,000 hours with constant brightness and even colour reproduction.

Quartet Colour Harmonizer technology delivers high brightness and accurate colour reproduction

The next generation 1-chipDLP™ technology shines with rich colours and finely defined detail without losing brightness. This is made possible by Quartet Colour Harmonizer, an original colour wheel technology with optimised optical design that precisely adjusts the light source output to colour requirements.

Uniform reproduction with multi-screen projection

The 1-chipDLP™ technology enables an impressively uniform reproduction on adjacent screens. Minimal variations in DMD orientations allow PT-RZ990 Series images to easily merge together to create an even more immersive viewing experience.

Supports 4K/60p signal input

The PT-RZ990 Series supports uncompressed 4K/60p signal input* via HDMI® or DIGITAL LINK connectors. The ability to play back Ultra-HD quality video at the projector's actual resolution is useful when the same signal is transmitted to multiple endpoints with different display resolutions. This eliminates the need for an external converter. These projectors integrate perfectly into your system structure and work seamlessly with other 4K-capable display devices.

Separate LAN and DIGITAL LINK connections

Separate LAN and HDBase-T™ based DIGITAL LINK connectors allow 100Base-TX and 10BaseT compatible control signals to be transmitted over Panasonic, Crestron®, AMX and Extron® applications via LAN connection, enabling video transmissions over cable links of up to 150m via the DIGITAL LINK system.

Lens options for creative possibilities

With eleven interchangeable lens options, you are equipped for any installation situation at wide projection distances from 0.280:1 to 8.58:1. The ET-DLE020 ultra short distance lens is also compatible. With the world's first UST lens with optical zoom, the zoom and H/V lens shift function allows adjustments with zero-screen offset even after installation. The mirrorless, aspherical glass lens is suitable for compact projector housings and enables front and rear projection on surfaces that would otherwise be too small for short-distance projection.

Smart Projector Control

Smart Projector Control is a mobile application for remote control of selected projectors. Install the application on your iPhone or Android™ device, connect your device to compatible projectors via WLAN (LAN) and control functions such as lens adjustment, input switching, status monitoring and much more. The application also has a handy autofocus function that uses the smartphone camera to focus the projector precisely.

Geometric adjustment with Free Grid correction

The PT-RZ990 series benefits from a proprietary Free Grid feature within the integrated geometry adjustment, which supports remote grid-based image adjustment. Grid resolutions of 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 5 x 5, 9 x 9, or 17 x 17 can be mapped and image areas can be redesigned or geometrically adjusted to correct image distortion. This correction is performed by adjusting control points at the intersections of the grid lines. Choose continuously between grid resolutions and achieve the desired grain size without interrupting the work process. With this intelligent feature, technicians can create distortion-free images at lightning speed.

Dual laser technology for reliable reliability

With the double optical laser unit, the laser diodes are arranged in two separate modules. In the unlikely event that a diode fails, a fail-safe circuit reduces the loss of uniform brightness or colour. Compatible products are therefore ideal for applications where the image is permanently maintained

  • Product dimensions (height): 20 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 49.8 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 58.1 cm
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