Panasonic PT-VX615N

Panasonic PT-VX615N
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Product description

Panasonic PT-VX615N

Suitable for
  • 80% Business
  • 20% School
  • Portable projectors with high brightness
  • High contrast ratio for sharper images
  • Double life filter
  • Simple wireless connection
  • Flexible wired installation

There is a light on your audience - with a brightness of up to 5,500 lmThe ultra-bright models of the portable projector series PT-VZ580 offer between 5,000 lm and 5,500 lm of light output. They reproduce deep blacks, clear highlights, crisp graphics and easy-to-read text.

Imposing projectionsThe recipe for brilliant projection is complemented by the high contrast ratio of 16,000: 1. Featuring a resolution from XGA to WUXGA, the PT-VZ580 series brings native FullHD video to life on large projection screens - even in small spaces. This allows a crisp and immersive viewing experience. Color matching and color correction can be used to correct for slight differences in color reproduction when multiple images are projected side-by-side with multiple projectors.

Easier maintenance through optimized key components
For the PT-VZ580 series, we have extended the interval until replacement of the air filters to up to 7,000 hours. In addition, the filter can be cleaned twice. This reduces the total cost of ownership. The highly efficient lamp has an operating time of 7,000 hours in ECO2 mode. This reduces the maintenance of the projector during prolonged use. At the same time, maintenance costs are reduced and environmental compatibility improved.

Wireless networking with plug-and-shareWith the PT-VZ580 Series Plug-and-Share *, wireless projection is easier than ever. Simply connect a USB memory stick to the projector and the configuration files will be copied automatically. This eliminates the need to manually enter network information. Then connect the USB stick to your computer and run Plug-and-Share directly from the USB stick - no installation on your computer is required.

Presentation of the screen view of the mobile device with Miracast
Some PT-VZ580 series projectors * are equipped with Advanced Miracast and support enhanced wireless connectivity. Your Android device sets up a direct Wi-Fi connection to the projector. Once the projector recognizes the device, you can display the screen contents of your mobile device. Advanced Miracast reduces networking time by one-third and increases connectivity by 40% (compared to the VZ57N series). With the projectors is the first time a series, which offers a moderator mode and a Cui-in function. This makes them ideal for teamwork.

Flexible installationThe models of the new series offer even more connection options. For example, with a single DIGITAL LINK * network cable, a range of up to 150 meters is now possible. This provides much more flexibility in the installation of the devices. The 1.6x zoom lens allows projection from different distances, making it easier to install even in confined spaces.

Good readability in bright ambient light
With Daylight View Basic, the projections are clearly visible even in brightly lit rooms. An integrated sensor detects the ambient light in the room and the technology adjusts the color grid and brightness values ​​accordingly.

As quiet as writing with a pen
In quiet operation, the PT-VZ580 series is quieter than writing with a stylus. The special construction of the projectors allows a quiet operating noise of only 29 dB *. The fan is barely audible and does not distract the audience during the meetings and presentations.
* 37 dB in normal mode and 35 dB in ECO1 mode

  • Product dimensions (height): 12.5 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 38.9 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 33.2 cm
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