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Document Cameras, Whiteboards and Overhead Projectors

Document camera: Next level presentations!

Document cameras, also called visualisers, are a logical development from the classic overhead projector. With a document camera connected to a projector or display you can add the crowning glory to your presentation with live content. Take your presentation to the next level!

Application of the document cameras

The advantages of a document camera at a glance:

  • Visualisation of any objects (books, products, small to medium sized objects of any shape)
  • Digitization of objects
  • Quick change between the live recording and, for example, a PowerPoint presentation
  • Use / combination with a videoconferencing system is possible
  • compact dimensions
  • fast setup and easy to use

The idea behind a document camera is simple: Take a high-resolution camera (in some models even up to 4K), a flexible camera arm and connect it to a presentation and visualisation device that combines mobility and functionality in the best possible way.

In addition, there is an integrated lighting system for uniform illumination of the subject matter. You'll also find multiple connections allowing connection to a range of devices

Application of the document cameras

Compared to an overhead projector, a visualiser does not require any time-consuming preparation steps. Thus, the cumbersome transfer of content onto slides is a thing of the past. You save time and above all money with no on-going costs.

Our tip:Some document cameras can also be used in conjunction with a microscope and a compatible microscope adapter. It is a practical feature for biology or chemistry lessons at school or for demonstrations of technical hardware and events in front of large auditoriums.

Whiteboards / Projection Whiteboards: Chalk board 2.0

The simple elegance of a white enameled surface meets the clear principle of "black-on-white" here. The chalkboards of the past generation and all their chalk dust are increasingly being replaced by whiteboard panels.


We offer height-adjustable (lifting board), Whiteboards with hinged side wings or wall mounted options.

The advantages of a whiteboard at a glance:

  • Dust-free
  • Low cost
  • Use as a projection screen
  • Dry wipeable
  • Usable as a magnetic board

Interactive whiteboards: More interaction in the classroom

Interactive whiteboards are a contemporary alternative to traditional chalkboard. The combination of a PC, a whiteboard and a projector creates the basis for interactive lessons and a multitude of presentation scenarios.

Interactive whiteboards

The operation is either freehand, by finger pressure or with the help of a wireless pen. This allows you to add handwritten notes and drawings to your presentations and documents at any time. The information can easily be saved and used in the classroom at a later date

The benefits of an interactive whiteboard at a glance:

  • Easy preparation of lesson content
  • Multimedia presentation of content
  • Modification and control of content in real time
  • Manufacturer software with numerous templates
  • Easy reuse of stored materials

Interactive Whiteboard Assembly

You can buy an interactive whiteboard from us either with a projector mounted from the board or with from a ceiling or wall mounting. The advantage of a pre-configured projector-whiteboard solution is that the position of the projector ensures a shadow-free image and a precise alignment with the whiteboard.

Mounting of a interactive whiteboard

Overhead projector: Proven presentation classic

Overhead projectors (OHP) still show their class in every class. Simple operation and the proven operating concept are still convincing. For presentations, lessons and in general for lectures an overhead projector is a reliable presentation tool.

In our shop you will find overhead projector models for both stationary and mobile use.

Overhead projector

The advantages of an overhead projector at a glance:

  • Cheaper than most projectors
  • Stable construction and easy operation
  • No PC / notebook required
  • Little maintenance
  • No darkening of the room needed

Worth knowing: The overhead projector was invented at the end of the 19th century. In the 1930s Liesegang finally brought the first overhead projector onto the market.

Presentation accesories - How To Avoid Technical K.O

You can do it well and you know it too: Presentations, lectures and moderation are your thing. However, if there is a lack of supporting equipment, then you can quickly be on the ropes... and your projector or laptop are the same.

Luckily we have the right equipment for you - for a stable stand, great protection and a professional impression

Projector tables

The key requirement for a projector table is for your projector to have a secure footing. Since most projector tables have wheels, you can easily set the optimum projection distance.

Quickly and easily determine the optimal projection distance with our projection distance calculator.

Projection tables

Electrically height adjustable tables

Relieve your back and keep yourself fit with a height-adjustable table. The convenient and simple operation make a height-adjustable table a hot candidate for the office product of the year.

Electrically height adjustable tables

Presentation case

A true wonderbox for moderation and presentations in meetings, classrooms and trainings. The sturdy plastic or aluminum case contains everything the heart of a skilled presenter desires: moderation cards of various sizes and colours, pens, markers and marker points.

Facilitator case