Projector Ceiling Mount Buyers guide - What you need to consider

A large number of projectors are permanently installed by the user, whether it is at home in the living room or home cinema room, in the meeting rooms of a company or in a classroom.

Why a ceiling mount?

The projector will need to be mounted a certain distance from the screen. Since this point is often right in the most useful area of ​​the room, you won’t want to place a table there just for the projector as it will be right in the way. However, if the projector is installed with a projector ceiling mount on the ceiling of the room, it no longer in the way. You can move freely below the projector, there can be a table underneath or you can even sit underneath it. The projector ceiling mount creates more freedom to maximise the space of your room.

Another aspect is of course the room design. A projector in the middle of the room on the table looks like a foreign object. If it is installed on the ceiling, you notice it much less. Particularly with large home cinema projectors, the ceiling mounting makes sense, since it is otherwise particularly conspicuous in the room.



Which projector ceiling mount is the right one?

Which projector ceiling mount is the right one?

If you have opted to ceiling mount your projector, the next question is: Which projector ceiling mount is the right one?

This question is influenced by several factors. Which projector do you have? How high is the ceiling? Where is the screen hanging? Many questions - we give the answers!



Which projector is installed on the ceiling mount?

Which projector is installed on the ceiling mount?

In order to find the right projector mount, you must first of all look at which projector you would like to install. There are now a variety of projectors, all of which offer different thread points on the bottom. Some are farther apart, some closer together. The most common choice of projector ceiling mount is therefore a universal bracket. With them you can easily install 90% of the most common projectors.

A universal projector mount provides adjustable feet that you can put over the respective threaded holes and screw them in.

However, if you buy a projector that is slightly larger and therefore has greater spacing between them, it is important to grab a projector mount that has extra long arms or even a plate that is custom made for your projector.

If you are not sure which projector ceiling mount is suitable for your projector, ask our experts! We're here to help!

How long must the projector ceiling mount be?

The length of the bracket depends on several criteria.

How high is the ceiling?

The ceiling height is crucial in the choice of the projector ceiling mount. In general, you can work with on the basis that the projector should hang level with the top of the screen. So it can be important for the projector ceiling mount to be height adjustable.

For secure installation, the bracket must be screwed to the concrete or stone ceiling. If you have a suspended ceiling, please factor in the suspended height to your measurements.

How high is the screen?

Since the top of the screen is critical, please pay attention to where you are hanging the screen. If you mount it on the ceiling for example, you only need a short projector mount. Often 15 cm is enough here to counter the screen box and the black border. If you are using a screen with a longer black drop, this is something you will want to consider.

Which projector is used? Does it have Lens-Shift?

The offset of the projector is often different which will result in a difference in the height of the beginning of the picture. While LCD projectors usually hang parallel to the upper edge of the visible image, a DLP projector will usually hang a little higher than the upper edge of the visible image.

Another factor to consider is if you have a projector with lens shift. With a vertical image shift, you can often save several inches on the ceiling mount as you can simply move the image down without hanging the projector at an angle. Especially in the home cinema this is a pleasant feature, because the projector can hang closer to the ceiling and is thus less noticeable.



Projector ceiling mount for suspended ceilings

Projector ceiling mount for suspended ceilings

Especially in offices, meeting and conference rooms you will commonly find suspended ceilings. Since a single ceiling panel is not able to carry a projector, the projector bracket must be screwed to the underlying concrete ceiling or installed with a special projector ceiling mount bracket on the metal structure. Below you will find our product recommendations for these applications.



How heavy is the projector?

Conventional projectors weigh on average between 2 and 5 kg. This weight class is no problem for the universal ceiling brackets. How many kilograms the bracket can carry is specified in the product description or the technical data.

If you have a projector that is larger and heavier, we recommend using a projector ceiling mount that offers above-average load capacity. You also need to consider that the arms of the bracket may need to be longer than usual. Our recommendations for this case can be found here.





How heavy is the projector?


Projector ceiling mountings for particularly heavy and large projectors

Heavy and large projectors

If you want to install a large installation projector or a larger home cinema projector on the ceiling, conventional projector brackets are often not enough. In these cases, you will need a projector ceiling mount that provides extra strength and uses a large span of support arms or even consider a specially made projector plate. The carrying capacity of the respective bracket is specified in the description. When choosing the bracket for a large installation projector, please note that the weight of the projector is usually specified without a lens, so you will have to add this weight.

Below you will find our recommendations for projector brackets for large and heavy projectors.




Projector ceiling mount for sloping ceilings

If you want to install a projector in an attic room on the ceiling, you often have the problem of a sloping ceiling.

Unfortunately, a conventional bracket can not be used because the panel that is screwed to the ceiling, is fixed to the rest of the bracket. The solution to the problem is a projector ceiling mount for sloping ceilings! With this, the head of the bracket offers pivot to counteract the ceiling slope!







Most popular projector ceiling brackets

As with other product groups, there are of course a few favorites of our customers in the projector brackets.


celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel1200W


celexon MultiCel1200W

The Multicel1200W has a fixed ceiling distance of 12cm. It is tiltable in all 4 directions.

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celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel4070W


celexon MultiCel4070W

The Multicel4070 provides an adjustable distance of 40 to 70cm to the ceiling through the supplied extension tube.

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celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel 1500 Expert


celexon MultiCel 1500 Expert

The Multicel 1500 Expert has a fixed ceiling distance of 15 cm. The mount offers a quick release function where the projector can be released by pressing a button.

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