Samsung Flip 2 WM55R + Rolling Stand

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Samsung Flip 2 WM55R + Rolling Stand
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Product description

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R + Rolling Stand

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R - Interactive digital flipchart with UHD image resolution and improved touch control

This bundle includes:

  • WM55R Interactive Display
  • Samsung Rolling Stand

Take a look at our Samsung Flip page to find a detailed overview on the digital flipchart range

Samsung Flip 2 is an interactive touch display that will meaningfully enhance any meeting room, conference room huddle room and even seminar or classroom, making collaboration even easier. The innovative display, just like the popular first generation Samsung Flip model, not only captivates with its smart design, it also brings features that now suit any working and learning environment.

In addition to enhanced wireless connectivity and compatibility with Microsoft services, the Samsung Flip 2 has also been given a web browser that allows you to easily access all web content.

Samsung Flip WM65R Meeting

With the note-taking function, also newly implemented in the Samsung Flip 2, you can annotate any content in real time and save it for later use. This way, all ideas, sketches and results of productive collaboration are preserved.

One of the most interesting features of the Samsung Flip 2 is the brush mode. This allows you to paint with a real brush directly on the display surface of the Samsung Flip. Together with the two painting styles in either oil or watercolour, Samsung Flip 2 offers the perfect surface for implementing creative ideas and projects.

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R is the classic 55-inch variant of the Samsung Flip 2. The screen diagonal of this variant is perfect for using the display in both small and large rooms. In almost any room, from a meeting room, huddle room to a conference room, the Samsung Flip 2 fits perfectly either as a creative tool or also as a digital flipchart to capture ideas and project notes.

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R can either be permanently installed on a suitable wall surface or used in a mobile way together with the optional rolling stand. We recommend using the Samsung Flip 2 on a rolling stand if you want to use the display in several rooms. We also offer the 55 inch model in a bundle with an original Samsung Flip roll stand. Of course, you can also find suitable roller stands from other manufacturers in our shop.

The best Samsung Flip 2 features

  • Brush mode (painting with a real brush)
  • Integrated web browser
  • Compatibility with Microsoft services and Office365
  • Real-time annotation
  • Improved touch operation
  • Bluetooth support for Bluetooth-enabled devices (e.g. mouse & keyboard)
  • Touch support for up to four users simultaneously
  • Screen sharing via WiFi or HDMI
  • Remote PC function
  • Screen mirroring from Android devices and Windows PCs/notebooks

Creative brush mode - paint with a real brush

Samsung Flip 2 allows you to paint with a real brush. Any brush can be used for impressive artistic creations. In addition to a large colour palette, there are also two creative painting styles to choose from: Oil painting and watercolour painting. The real painting feeling is provided by the colours, which not only run into each other like on a real painting surface, but can also be mixed with each other. Especially for creative artists, this innovation offers a wonderful tool for convincing artwork idea sketches.

Samsung Flip WM85R

InGlass Touch technology - precise operation via touch

The InGlass Touch technology used in the Samsung Flip 2 meets the highest standards of modern interactive touch displays. It allows precise operation of the display via finger touch as well as with the help of the included Samsung Flip pen.

Note function - annotate & write on content in real time

Samsung Flip 2 offers a practical tool with the note function to be able to label or comment on any content in real time at any time. Images and graphics as well as other documents can be annotated very easily without permanently changing the actual content. A wonderful tool for productive meetings and brainstorming processes.

Samsung Flip WM65R Meetingraum

Simple & intuitive image editing - creatively stitch content together

With the Samsung Flip 2, content can be quickly selected, modified and thus quickly merged into new creative compositions. This is not only quick to do, but also stimulates the creative process and invites experimentation.

Numerous form templates - templates for every task

The standard features of the Samsung Flip software also include numerous templates for a wide range of tasks. You can use Samsung Flip 2 specifically as a calendar, planning tool, note board or even as a checklist board. There is a template for every task.

Samsung Flip WM65R Businesslösung

Easily share any content - via Wi-Fi or HDMI

The content displayed on the Samsung Flip 2 can be easily transferred to another WLAN-enabled display via the available WLAN network. Alternatively, the HDMI output of the Samsung Flip 2 can be used for this task. This brings even more freedom to any meeting or creative brainstorming session.

Samsung Flip WM85R

Remote PC & Bluetooth connectivity - control via PC or mouse & keyboard

Samsung Flip 2 has been equipped with Bluetooth and remote PC connectivity. This means that you can use the interactive display together with a Bluetooth PC mouse or a Bluetooth PC keyboard. Remote PC connectivity allows Samsung Flip 2 to be connected to a PC and controlled remotely from another location, for example.

Samsung Flip WM85R

4K UHD Display & Tizen Operating System - Powerful Hardware for Modern Work

Rich in detail and contrast, the Samsung Flip 2 offers exactly the image quality that is ideal for professional working environments. Whether tables, graphics or videos - all content is displayed in high image resolution and with perfectly matched colour balance. The powerful Tizen 5.0 operating system ensures lag-free image and video display.

Advanced features for a professional work environment

The extended range of functions of the Samsung Flip 2 allows various settings to be made at the administrator level. These include data security settings, firmware updates, LDAP synchronisation and remote management.

Conclusion - Digital flipchart that speeds up creative processes in modern work environments

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R is a worthy successor to the already best-selling first-generation Samsung Flip. The successor model remains true to the Flip product line and combines the proven, highly praised and incredibly easy usability with various practical features that have been adapted to the highest degree to the requirements of modern working and learning environments. Whether in meeting rooms, seminar rooms or even classrooms - Samsung Flip 2 fits perfectly into every room and every application situation.

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