Sony VPL-VW270ES weiß

Sony VPL-VW270ES weiß

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Sony VPL-VW270ES weiß

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Sony VPL-VW270ES white - Entry into the 4K high-end home theater
The Sony VPL-VW270ES offers thanks to real 4K - resolution , flexible optics with lens shift and many features more the perfect entry into the 4K home cinema.

4K - Resolution

The Sony VPL-VW270ES offers as one of the cheapest 4K projector models the true 4K resolution with 4096 x 2160 pixels. This puts it above the 4K UHD resolution used in most other 4K projectors.Thanks to the 4K resolution, the Sony VW270ES white offers stunning picture clarity. The richness of detail lets even with well-known movies still new contents recognize, which you do not perceive with the Full HD dissolution . All objects are even more realistic with 4K. And even if it's not native 4K material that's leaked, the quality is still great thanks to Reality Creation.

Reality Creation

Sony's Reality Creation helps to re-sharpen the image. It analyzes the images down to the smallest pixel levels and enhances them for the high-resolution display. With 4K content, it ensures optimum image clarity of the content. And even with conventional Blu-rays, the Reality Creation ensures an outstanding upscaling to 4K . By this you realize that Sony will incorporate its experience in film production into its devices.

Motion Flow

The intermediate image calculation Motion Flow is also available on the Sony VW270ES. It provides for clear movements for clear images, without re-drawing effects. The picture has a more plastic effect depending on the setting of the Motion Flow technology. Since not every home cinema fan is a friend of the interframe calculation, it can of course also disable. Depending on your taste, you can set the intermediate image calculation in different levels. A fact that is important for 4K films, the Motion Flow technology works not only with conventional HD images but also with 4K content.

HDR compatible

As befits a 4K high-end home cinema projector, the Sony VPL-VW270ES is well placed when it comes to contrasting. Thanks HDR! The High Dynamic Range display provides much more contrast gradations, which affect the black level and color appearance. Everything looks even more colorful in color. Things that have otherwise perished in the shadows will now be visible. Thanks to the 4K HDR quality, the home cinema is even more exciting. In terms of compatibility, the VW270ES supports the HLG (Hybrid Gamma Log) and the HDR10 standard.

SXRD panel with triluminous technology
When it comes to color reproduction, the Sony VW270ES relies on the Sony SXRD panel. Thanks to the Triluminos technology, as you know it from Sony TV equipment, the 4K Beamer ensures a natural color representation in all respects.


As usual with the Sony 4K bombers, the VW270ES is white as well as 3D-capable. The player is connected via HDMI to the projector and it starts. Sony is now using Xpand solutions for the 3D shutter glasses, which also work with Bluetooth transmission.
SpecsThe SXRD projector uses 4096 x 2160 pixels of 4K - resolution in 16: 9 format . Its light output is at a good level with 1500 lumens. Due to the contrast, Sony has not given any details on this model because it does without a dynamic iris. However, the contrast in the Sony VPL-VW270ES test works well. When running noise is the 4K projector with just 26 dB indicated.


Here, the Sony VPL-VW270 offers everything you need in home theater. It has two HDMI inputs, a LAN interface, a USB Type A (DC 5V) interface, a remote interface (RS232), a trigger connection and an IR input on a 3.5 mm base.


The scope of delivery of the 4K bomber consists of a power cable, a remote control with batteries, a manual, a lens cap and a quick start guide.
ConclusionThe Sony VW270ES white offers everything you need for entry into the 4K home cinema. Excellent picture quality, good flexibility and quiet operation . The Sony VPL-VW270ES price is, of course, a bit higher, as in Sony, but you get a native 4K projector with almost full features.

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  • Product dimensions (height): 20.5 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 49.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 46.4 cm
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