visunext AR App « Büroausstattung einfach simulieren


Often you are faced with the problem that you are not sure whether the desired product fits into the meeting room, the office or your home. Our free planning app gives you certainty! Simulate in real time, displays, screens, display holders and more in your own rooms and get a virtual impression of your new equipment.


Easy AR simulation of displays, screens & more!

Our innovative AR app helps you to quickly and easily find the new equipment for your office, meeting room or private home cinema. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can place displays, screens, display brackets and more in your rooms free of charge and in real time!



Practical functions of the visunext AR app:

  • Large AR product range of displays and screens
  • Placing 3D objects in real time and space
  • Easy sharing of the integrated products
  • View new equipment from all perspectives
  • Simple assistance within the app



Familiarise yourself with well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Microsoft, celexon or Logitech within our app and get a virtual impression of your future equipment.