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Catchbox is revolutionising the way we communicate and interact. As a leading provider of throwable microphones, Catchbox offers innovative solutions for meetings, conferences and events. The brand's products include wireless microphones in the shape of a soft throwing cube that can be safely and entertainingly thrown from participant to participant.

With high sound quality, ease of use and custom branding, Catchbox products bring life and dynamism to any event. Learn more about the versatile uses of Catchbox and bring your communication to life. Visit our website for more information

Catchbox was founded in 2013 by Timo Kauppila and Pyry Taanila with the aim of improving interactive communication at events. Their innovative idea was to replace conventional microphones with a soft throwing cube that can be safely thrown from participant to participant.

The benefits of the Catchbox brand are to encourage engagement and interaction, enhance the listening experience and create a fun atmosphere. With Catchbox, events can become more lively and dynamic .

Discover the versatile applications of Catchbox and take your event to a new level.

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