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Gaming Projector- Big screen advantage for your games!

Game with your friends and rock the house! A gaming projector brings you together for a great gaming night. And as we all know, something like this can quickly become a tradition.

Survived the next wave of zombie attacks? Your buddy had your back in a co-op game: On the split screen, he just sent a ten-pack of zombies to the afterlife forever with a skillful grenade throw. Now cool down, eat some snacks and toast your Brother-in-Arms. And on we go! 

The giant screen of a gaming projector is made for enjoying video games together. A TV can't compete with the high social factor of a modern projector. In front of a projector screen, all your friends can sit and there's enough room on the screen for action of any game genre.


What can I play well on a gaming projector?

You can play any style of game that you and your buddies feel like. You'll definitely love these game genres on a gaming projector. Find your favorite for yourself!

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First-person shooter

On a split screen you shoot against each other for glory, or fight side by side to defeat your opponents. Chips, dips and drinks are essential part of the gaming evening ration.
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Sports game

It doesn't always have to be shooting games. You also have a lot to do with sports games: You can get stuck into football matches, throw huge touchdowns on the grid iron or sink a long putt on the green.
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Racing games

On a projector screen, your field of vision is huge compared to a monitor or TV. Every drift into the corner gets your adrenaline pumping. Whether you're piloting an ultra-fast sports car or cheering on your buddy's lead-foot action across the country, you'll never get bored!


At least Full HD (1920 x 1080). This means that you can not only use the full potential of the native resolution of a gaming console, but also watch Blu-ray movies in an excellent picture quality on your Playstation, Xbox or Switch


ANSI lumen value of at least 2000 lumens. In general, we recommend darkening the room before playing. This way, you will get a high-contrast and bright projection image.


An HDMI connection is mandatory. You can transfer high-resolution content to the projector via an HDMI cable. That means games and movies in Full HD.
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Of course, you can also let off steam with single-player games: Atmospheric horror, sci-fi and role-playing games look especially good on a projector screen.

How to set up your gaming projector correctly

The most important rule: Place your projector as parallel as possible to the projection surface. This way, you avoid a skewed alignment of the image and a loss of quality in the image resolution. Otherwise, you have several options for setting up your projector correctly.

Either you can 

  • use a ceiling mount 
  • place the projector on a firm, level surface a few meters in front of the projection surface 
  • or, in the case of a short-throw projector, you may only need a few centimetres in front of the screen 

On our projector buying advice page, we give you tips on how to determine the optimal seating distance and place the projector correctly.

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Want to learn more about projectors? In our blog you will find projector tests, news and many other exciting articles on audio and video topics.
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The right screen for gaming projector

Of course, you can project onto a blank wall. However, you will get a much better image quality if you use a real projector screen. Projection screens have a specially developed cloth structure for projections, which slightly amplifies the reflected light and makes colours appear natural. For gaming, we recommend a screen with the following features:



16:9 or 16:10 Advantage: This format is also perfect for home theater

Luminance factor (Gain)

Values 1.0 to 1.5 are sufficient for darkened rooms


You can unroll and retract an electric screen "like a boss". Do you want to do it yourself? Then look at a manual screen.
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Use our projection screen calculator to find the right screen size for your room. Want to learn more about projector screens? Visit our projector screen page to learn everything about projector screens.

Suitable sound for your gaming projector

Of course, you should not do without a good sound for an XXL picture. After all, your sound should be as powerful as the picture. Projectiles whizzing through the air, cheers from the stadium stands, squealing tires: All this comes into its own when the action on the screen is supported by surround sound. And that's what you need:

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By the way: An AV receiver acts like the brains of the operation, multiple input sources (Blu Ray player, PC, Games console etc) can be plugged into it and the sound will be distributed to the speakers, while the image goes to the projector or TV. 

Gaming Projector Complete bundles

We have put together three complete gaming projector sets for you. Each set contains everything you need to upgrade your living room to a gaming temple.  The Gaming projector bundle sets from visunext have been lovingly put together for you by our gaming fans. And to be honest, we would love to keep them ourselves. But passion has to be shared!

Beginner set

Advanced set

Expert set

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