Discover the many possibilities of NEC extensions at! As an online shop operator specialising in high-quality audio and visual products, we would like to introduce you to the latest NEC extensions that will enrich your everyday life. Whether you are a private customer, a business customer or a public organisation such as a school - we have the right solutions for you!

But what exactly are NEC extensions and what are they needed for? NEC extensions are innovative add-on products that have been specially developed for NEC projectors. They enable optimum customisation and expansion of the functionality of these high-quality devices. They offer you the flexibility to take your presentations, lessons or events to the next level

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of NEC extensions to meet your individual needs. For example, we offer you the Wireless USB Adapter, which allows you to transfer your data wirelessly and effortlessly. No more tangled cables - enjoy the freedom to move around the room while you present your content. Want to make your presentations even more interactive? No problem! Our finger touch unit allows you to operate the projector intuitively by simply touching the surface. Say goodbye to the mouse and control your projector comfortably with your fingers
To ensure a smooth connection, we recommend our wireless LAN adapter or WLAN dongle. These little helpers enable a fast and stable wireless connection to your projector. No more complicated cable laying or network configuration - simply plug in and get started!

Of course, we also offer matching NEC accessories to complete your setup. From replacement lamps to brackets and other accessories - we have everything you need. All in all, NEC extensions offer numerous advantages. They increase the flexibility and mobility of your presentations and allow for a more interactive use of the projector. With the wireless options, you are no longer tied to specific cable connections and can move freely around the room. In addition, our high-quality NEC extensions ensure reliable and first-class picture and sound quality.