As an online shop operator, we know how important it is to protect your audio and video equipment. An anti-theft device can help you protect your valuable equipment and give you peace of mind. In our online shop at, we offer a wide range of anti-theft devices for various equipment, including anti-theft devices for projectors.

An anti-theft device is a device designed to protect your device from theft. It can be fitted in most places and prevents thieves from stealing the device. An anti-theft device can consist of various components, e.g. a lock, a cable or an alarm.

There are different types of anti-theft devices, including cable locks, screw locks and alarm locks. Cable locks consist of a strong cable that is fitted with a lock at both ends. The cable can be wrapped around a fixed object and the lock attached to the object. Screw locks are an alternative where the device is screwed down. Alarm locks trigger an alarm if the device is moved or if someone tries to remove it.
To use anti-theft devices effectively, it is important to fit them in a fixed position that is difficult to remove. Care should also be taken to ensure that the lock and the cable or screws are strong enough not to be cut or broken off. An alarm system can also deter thieves.

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