You want to buy a document camera online?

You want to buy a document camera? There is a wide range of document cameras to choose from. We have compiled the best document cameras from popular manufacturers for you. Whether ELMOcelexonIPEVO or Optoma: each brand has its advantages and special features.


What is a document camera?

A document camera (also called a visualiser) is a video camera attached to an arm. It can be used to photograph, film and present printed texts or objects. Since the camera is located above the projected object, it is functionally similar to the overhead projector. However, the document camera is much smaller and lighter, which makes it easy to transport.

How do I connect a document camera?

Each document camera has different connections. We show you the most common connections to a laptop / PC, projector and display.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of document cameras?

A document camera is far ahead of the classic overhead projector! Besides the size and weight, there are many other advantages that speak for the purchase of a document camera:


Our tip

Pay attention to the digital and optical zoom. Digital zoom is sufficient to display text, images, etc. Document cameras with optical zoom can magnify objects to the microscope range. This is very helpful if you want to show petals or technical circuits in detail, for example.


Here's what you should look for when buying a document camera

Icon Beamer and Display

What playback device do you already use in the classroom?

  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Display / TV
Icon connections

What connections does the playback device have for image transmission?

  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • USB-C
  • USB-B
Icon presentation

What do you want to do with the document camera?

  • Show or enlarge objects
  • enlarge texts
  • deliver digital / hybrid lessons
  • Present and digitize student results
  • illustrate methods, e.g. marking texts
  • compare work results with each other
Icon list with numbering

Which functions do you need?

  • Microscope function 
  • Webcam 
  • Leave notes on the displayed image 
  • Save recordings 
  • Internet connection (WLAN) with a browser 
  • Miracast
Canvas icon dimensions

How large must the image be displayed at the end?

  • for the laptop or computer
  • for the display or screen

What is a document camera suitable for?

Document cameras are mainly used in schools. However, the useful functions can also be optimally used in meeting rooms or other educational institutions.


Perform hybrid teaching

  • Use document camera as webcam
  • Present student and group work
  • Discuss homework
  • Illustrate feedback on student work
  • Show content from textbooks that not every student owns
  • Photograph results, save and share with the class

Project and enlarge objects and documents

  • Present models from biology lessons from all sides, e.g. heart, eyes, brain, skull
  • Show small tabletop experiments to the whole class
  • Show magnified parts of plants (tip: with additional microscope adapters you can, for example, examine the inside of a flower more closely)
  • Introduce work tools, e.g., how to use a soldering iron
  • Create photos and videos for presentations

Which document camera for school?

Our tip

On ELMO's YouTube channel you can find ideas on how to use your document camera in the classroom.

approx. 40 – 220 £

Entry level document cameras

from 440 £

Upper class document cameras

Our tip

Need help choosing the right document camera for your classroom? In our buying guide "The Best Document Cameras", we present the most popular devices to you. Our product experts are also available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

Practical accessories for document cameras

  • Bags for safe transport
  • Extension cable
  • Spare remote control
  • Additional objectives (microscope adapters)
  • Holders
  • Note pads (reusable mini-whiteboard, like the transparencies on overhead projectors)

Document Camera FAQ: The most frequently asked questions

Usually, you can use a USB cable (plug-and-play) to connect the document camera to the computer or laptop connected to a projector.
Cheaper models have fewer ports, such as a USB-B port. If you want to connect a MacBook or an iPad to a document camera, an additional Apple adapter is necessary. If both devices have a USB-C port, you can simply use this for the cable connection.
iPads and iPhones can also be used as document cameras. For this purpose, an additional holder, e.g. from Belkin, is recommended so that the image is transmitted quietly.
You can use many document cameras as a webcam. This is how most devices work:

  1. Connect the document camera to the computer or laptop on which you have already installed the video conferencing software.

  2. Open the software and go to the settings (Video/Camera and Audio).

  3. Select the document camera under the video/camera settings.

Depending on the model, the document camera can be connected directly to the projector. Alternatively, connect it to the laptop or computer that is already connected to the projector. Depending on the interaction of the devices, you may need additional adapters.
Each manufacturer releases its own software for its models. You can find the software of the most popular document cameras here: