Discover the many possibilities of Infocus projector extensions at! As a leading online shop for audio and visual products, we offer you a wide selection of high-quality products from the renowned Infocus brand. Our Infocus projector extensions open up completely new dimensions in audio and video presentations. Whether you are a private customer, a business customer or a public institution such as a school, our extensions offer you numerous advantages and fulfil your individual requirements.

But what are Infocus extensions and what are they needed for? Infocus extensions are innovative accessories that have been specially developed for Infocus projectors to extend their functionality and improve the user experience. They offer you the opportunity to take your presentations to a new level and inspire your audience

In our range you will find different types of Infocus extensions, each with different functions. For example, we offer the Wireless USB Adapter, which allows you to connect your Infocus projector wirelessly to other devices. With this extension, you can organise your presentations more flexibly and move freely around the room without being tied to cables.
Another useful extension is the finger-touch unit, which allows you to transform your projector into an interactive presentation tool. Thanks to the touch sensitivity of the finger touch unit, you can control your presentations directly on the projection screen and write with your fingers or a pen. This allows you to create an interactive and dynamic presentation that will impress your audience.

For improved connectivity, we also offer the wireless LAN adapter and the WLAN dongle. With these extensions, you can connect your Infocus projector wirelessly to your network and transfer content from your computer, smartphone or tablet directly to the projector. This gives you the freedom to present content from different devices without having to constantly reconnect cables

The sensible use of Infocus extensions offers you numerous advantages. They give you more flexibility and mobility for your presentations, as you are no longer tied to a fixed location. They also offer you interactive options to present your content in an appealing and interactive way. The wireless connectivity also makes it easier for you to transfer content and saves you valuable time.