You would like to buy a projector online?

You want to buy a projector? The choice of projectors is huge. And deciding on a favourite is often not easy. We have compiled only the best projectors by brand for you. Use the projector search by brand to quickly find your favourite projector. Whether Acer, Epson, Optoma or Panasonic: each brand has its advantages and features. Find out which ones they are in detailed product descriptions and in our projector tests.


Business, home cinema or education: The right projector for everyone

Projectors are available for various areas of application. The requirements for the functions and equipment of a projector are correspondingly large. In the category projectors by application area, you will find projectors in our shop that are particularly suitable for a specific area:



Office projectors are the perfect devices for business use in companies and public institutions.

Home cinema

For the highest demands and best entertainment, we also have high-end home cinema projectors, HD projectors and the latest projectors with 4K resolution.
Icon Education


Especially for educational institutions we have a category with school officials.

Our tip

You can see which area of application a projector is best suited for by the symbol for the respective area of application and the suitability value in percent.

Projector technologies: DLP, 3LCD & Co.

Projector technology not only determines what you see, but also how you see it: true-to-life colours or strong contrasts, a well-lit projection screen or detailed images. For example, rich colours and detailed images are more important forhome cinema enjoyment than for business presentations in bright meeting rooms. Here, it is more a matter of bright projector technology. Proven projector technologies are DLP (Digital Light Processing) and 3LCD (3 Panel Liquid Crystal Display).

Each projector technology has its advantages

With us you will find projectors with all known technologies: from 3LCD to LCoS. Which technology is your favourite?



offers strong contrasts and overall good image representation, but somewhat lower light output.


scores with rich and vivid colours and good brightness values (ANSI lumens). However, it offers a comparatively low contrast.


and other innovative light generation techniques using LEDs and lasers offer significantly better picture quality and energy-saving long-life projector lamps.

What does a good projector cost?

It depends on how and where you want to use a projector. For example, a home cinema projector must meet different requirements than a school projector. The technical properties are decisive; the better the technical properties of a projector, the more expensive the device. These features include image resolution, light intensity, light-generating technology (e.g. DLP, LED), projection technology and projector features.

In terms of technical features, projectors can be roughly divided into four price classes:

approx. 200 - 450 £

Entry-level projector

In this price range, you will find projectors for your home cinema as well as projectors for the office or classroom.These projectors do not have a high light output and image resolution, but are inexpensive and very suitable for entry-level use.

approx. 450 - 800 £

Mid-range projector

In this price range you will also find projectors for home cinema as well as projectors for the office or classroom. However, these projectors are much more powerful and technically advanced than projectors in the lower price range.

approx. 800 - 1300 £

Upper class projector

In this price range, the projectors are significantly more powerful and better equipped than projectors in the lower price ranges. Here you can already find projectors with 4K E-Shift as well as projectors with the laser light source. Since the projectors in the upper class are usually brighter than the lower-priced devices, we recommend these projectors especially for rooms that can only be darkened to a limited extent.

from approx. 1300 €

High-end projector

Of course, projectors above the price ranges mentioned are also available from us. These are generally better equipped and suitable for the respective areas of application. These include, for example, installation projectors and 4K home cinema projectors.

In our current projector test you will find projectors in every price range. You can also find a screen to match your projector in our large projector screen test.

projector replacement lamps and projector accessories: Suitable for your projector

If your projector lamp has had its day, you don't need to worry about finding a new light source. You can find the right replacement lamp for your projector here, choosing between an original projector replacement lamp, a UHR lamp (Ultra-High Pressure Replacement Lamp) or a compatible module. And what would a 3D projector be without 3D glasses? Or an installation projector without a projector mount? So that you don't have to search long, we have put together the most important projector accessories for you:

projector Purchase Checklist

With so many technical terms, it's easy to lose track. With our checklist, you always have the essential features in view. You can also get comprehensive information in our projector buying guide.

Icon Beamer and Display

1. Application area


2. projector technology


Icon dimensions

3. Installation / Alignment

Room size, mounting, distance to screen
Icon resolution

4. Resolution / Format


5. Brightness

ANSI lumen values:
The higher the value, the brighter the image.
Icon contrast

6. Contrast

Maximum ratio between black and white:
The higher the value, the stronger the contrast.
Icon loudspeaker

7. Volume

As low as possible:
projector fans are considered loud from about 32dB.

8. Connections

Digital and analogue, audio and video, control connections
Icon list with stars

9. further features

3D, lens shift, optical zoom, keystone correction, etc.