The fascination of the table cameras / 360° cameras lies in their advanced AI technology. They capture a full 360° image of the conference room and create an immersive and inclusive hybrid meeting experience. No matter where participants are in the room, they are all clearly captured and displayed. But how do these marvels of technology work? Table cameras / 360° cameras use multiple lenses to cover the entire spectrum of the room. AI technology analyses and combines the individual images to create a seamless 360° image. This technology ensures that all conference participants are visible, regardless of their position in the room. The main applications of 360° table cameras are as diverse as their users. They are ideal for business meetings, where they increase interaction and engagement. They are also appreciated in educational institutions, where they give remote learners the feeling of being in the middle of the classroom. In addition, they are suitable for private users who want to improve their communication with friends and family.
Why are these devices so useful in video conferencing? They improve the connection between participants, whether they are on-site or remote. They foster an atmosphere of collaboration and increase productivity. With our 360° cameras, your video conferences become interactive, inclusive experiences. At visunext, we not only offer the latest models of desktop / 360° cameras, but also matching accessories. Our services include fast and reliable delivery service as well as professional installation service. In this way, we guarantee that you can exploit the full potential of your new camera.