The future of the meeting: Efficient wireless presenting

Discover with us the possibilities of efficient wireless presentations and experience meetings like never before.

Today we focus on innovative solutions for your conference experience. Thanks to wireless presentation technologies, you no longer have to deal with cumbersome HDMI cables. Instead, it enables a seamless and lag-free connection to the screen, projector and the rest of the conference room equipment. This saves you valuable time in your meetings and allows you to concentrate fully on the content. Experience the future of conference technology with us!


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Advantages of wireless presentation systems

Wireless presentation systems offer a number of advantages over wired connections. Not only do they eliminate the need for HDMI cables, but they also promote team collaboration through multi-user functionality, offer interactive touch-back features and enable flexible and smooth integration into your existing infrastructure through platform independence and BYOD or BYOM functionality.


Wireless connections

No more tedious laying of HDMI cables. Thanks to advanced wireless technology, the hassle of laying HDMI cables is a thing of the past. This solution not only saves a lot of time during set-up, but also improves the aesthetics of your conference room. A clean, wireless room always makes a professional impression.


Multi-user functionality

Thanks to the multi-user functionality, several people can connect wirelessly to the presentation system at the same time. At the touch of a button, they can then share their content simultaneously in split screen or one after the other in full screen. This promotes teamwork and increases the efficiency of meetings, as there is no HDMI cable to pass around and the flow of the meeting is not disrupted.


Touch Back Function

Some wireless presentation systems offer an integrated touch-back function for interactive displays. This means that touch control is transferred from the interactive display to the presenter's laptop. This allows direct interaction with the presentation and content can be controlled conveniently from the screen.


Central video conferencing system (BYOM)

Wireless presentation systems with Bring Your Own Meeting functionality allow you to wirelessly connect and access the video conferencing system and display in the meeting room as if they were directly connected to your laptop. Simply use your favourite video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet and use the meeting room camera, speakers and display without any additional cable connection.



Wireless presentation systems are usually platform-independent and compatible with a wide range of operating systems. This allows for smooth integration into your existing IT infrastructure and avoids potential software conflicts, especially if your guests also want to present. However, some software-based solutions such as Apple Airplay can only be used by certain devices.

Simply present quickly at the touch of a button with BYOD devices

In general, a distinction can be made between two connection options: One is the connection via a dongle that is connected to the laptop. On the other hand, the connection via a software tool for which no additional dongle is required. Both variants have their respective advantages. Some presentation systems support both connection via dongle and via software.


Connect via dongle / button

With innovative dongle solutions such as Barco Clickshare, BenQ Instashow and Kindermann Klick & Show, presenting is child's play. Simply plug the dongle into your device and press the button to share your content wirelessly. This "plug & play" approach enables instant connection, increasing the ease of use and efficiency of your meetings.


Connecting via software

For those who prefer a software-based solution, some presentation systems offer compatibility with popular technologies such as Airplay, Miracast and Chromecast. These options not only allow great flexibility in device choice, but also seamless integration into existing networks. This means you can always choose the best solution for your specific requirements.

Dongle-bound solution examples

Discover the variety of dongle-based solutions for optimised presentations and conference experiences. Dongle-based presentation systems are characterised by their intuitive usability.


Barco ClickShare

Maximise your presentation and conferencing experiences with the Barco ClickShare Series: intuitive operation meets seamless connectivity, supported by powerful app integration. A true value-added tool for effective communication and collaboration.

The Barco ClickShare series is the first choice when it comes to simple and intuitive presentations. With the ClickShare button or via the app, you can easily mirror your screen onto the screen or display in the meeting room. This way, all participants can see your content live. Your guests can also present on the display or projector in your meeting or conference room without any effort.


With the ClickShare Conference Series from Barco, connectivity is paramount! Because the ClickShare Conferencing Button connects wirelessly to existing conference cameras, soundbars, microphones and your video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. So you can take your laptop into a meeting room and start a video conference with the existing hardware.

The full functionality of Barco can be achieved in combination with the Barco App. This is installed on the laptop and provides all the functions in the background to make full use of the Barco ClickShare systems. The app is also available for mobile devices and allows content to be shared directly from the smartphone or tablet.

BenQ Instashow in the meeting

BenQ InstaShow

Experience a wireless presentation solution that combines convenience, high compatibility and secure data transmission with BenQ InstaShow - a straightforward plug-and-play system that increases productivity and minimises operating costs.

BenQ InstaShow is also a wireless presentation solution for conference and meeting rooms. InstaShow enables a simple and quick connection between a device and a screen without the need for additional software or drivers. With simple plug-and-play, a presentation can be started in seconds.

BenQ Instashow
BenQ Instashow

Technically, InstaShow offers high compatibility by supporting various video formats and resolutions, including 4K. Data transmission is securely encrypted, which is especially important in business-critical environments.

A real added value is the time saving and flexibility during meetings, thus increasing productivity. In addition, the solution is extremely low-maintenance, which translates into lower operating costs in the long term.


Kindermann Klick & Show

Optimise your meetings with the Klick & Show devices from Kindermann: an all-in-one BYOD system for wireless presentations that combines flexibility, efficiency and interactive tools in one device. Ideal for modern businesses that demand the highest levels of connectivity and ease of use.

With the Klick & Show K-WM series, Kindermann offers a versatile BYOD solution for wireless presentations. It supports all common operating systems and, in addition to button connectivity, also enables connection via AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast. With two network interfaces, it is ideal for companies with separate networks for employees and guests.


The Click & Show can connect more than 30 devices simultaneously and offers a special moderator mode for efficient meetings. Additional features such as an integrated whiteboard and annotation tools promote interactivity. Transmission is in Full HD with low latency. Splitscreen with 4K support and easy firmware upgrades are further highlights.

For wireless video conferencing, the Klick & Show K-FX series is used. With the BYOM solution, USB video soundbars, cameras and speakerphones available in the room can simply be used wirelessly with one's own notebook. Participation in the meeting takes place with one's own notebook and one's own UCC account, whether via Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google or another provider.

Dongle-less solution examples

Discover the possibilities of software-based presentation systems. These systems do not require a dongle and often offer manyadditional management options to intelligently manage your meeting rooms.

Airtame Dongle


Increase the efficiency of your conferences with Airtame: a hybrid experience that combines 4K screen sharing, easy device management and robust security features in one compact hub.

Experience a seamless, hybrid conferencing experience with screen sharing and digital signage in 4K quality with the Airtame. The Airtame Hub is powerful enough to control video conferences and take the strain off your laptop. Built-in Power over Ethernet and secure locking ensure your AV equipment is always ready and secured. Airtame Rooms software enables easy screen sharing and supports various services such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


With just one click, all participants in the conference room can share their screen without having to dial into the video conference. Manage all devices centrally via the Airtame Cloud and benefit from user-friendly and secure management. This way you optimise collaboration and productivity in your meeting rooms.

Apple TV

Apple TV with AirPlay

Integrate Apple TV into your conference room for easy, seamless content sharing via AirPlay - ideal for Apple users who value simplicity and instant availability

An Apple TV in the conference room provides an easy way to quickly share content on the display or screen via AirPlay. Airplay is built into all iOS, macOS and iPadOS devices by default. So you can share content from your MacBook, iPad or iPhone at any time with just a few clicks. AirPlay is suitable for the BYOD concept, but does not enable wireless video conferencing or touch-back.


The advantage of AirPlay is that it is directly available on a wide range of devices, without additional software or buttons. However, Windows or Android devices cannot connect to Apple TV via AirPlay and therefore cannot stream content via Apple TV.


Miracast with EZCast Pro Dongle II

Maximise your presentation options with the EZCast Pro Dongle II, which combines Miracast, Apple AirPlay and Google Cast - a versatile solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users who need easy screen sharing.

The EZCast Pro Dongle II uses Wi-Fi certified Miracast technology, among users, so you're not limited to certain apps or streaming specific content. You can view anything from your Miracast-enabled Windows or Android device on a display or projector. The adapter is also certified for Apple AirPlay and Google Cast and supports streaming from four devices simultaneously to one display or projector.


This allows you to share your content directly from a variety of devices without additional software or buttons. The EZCast Pro Stick II supports 4K resolutions of up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.


WolfVision Cynap

Rely on WolfVision Cynap for a wireless presentation and conferencing experience that covers multiple operating systems and application areas. Ease of use meets extensive functionality.

WolfVision Cynap is an all-in-one solution for wireless presentations, web conferencing and collaboration. It supports a variety of operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS for seamless screen sharing. Cynap requires no additional software, apps or dongles. The device is ideal for a wide range of use scenarios, from educational institutions to professional meeting rooms.


Cynap enables the sharing of content in video conferences by people who are not participating in the conference themselves. Files can be shared directly from network drives or the cloud. With features such as AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast, the device offers robust and flexible screen sharing. In addition, it has an HDMI input for special applications.

The vSolution software also enables easy remote management of multiple systems. All in all, Cynap offers a powerful, collaborative work experience that boosts your productivity.

BYOD vs BYOM vs MTR - which technical equipment is the right one?

Learn more about the evolution of meeting room technologies: from BYOD for simple, wireless presentations to fully integrated Microsoft Teams Rooms - an overview of three concepts that can increase the flexibility and efficiency of your meetings.

Find out how to future-proof your meeting rooms for video conferencing in our guide.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With Bring Your Own Device, the focus is on wireless presentations. Employees use the laptops in the meeting room that they use at their workplace anyway.

This way, every participant has access to his or her files at any time and can share them directly with others. Within the framework of the BYOD concept, there is no need to install a separate PC in the meeting room in order to be able to give presentations. Some BYOD presentation systems are equipped with touch-back functionality. This means you can control your laptop with touch gestures on your interactive display in the meeting room. However, video conferencing is not possible within the framework of BYOD.

This is what Bring Your Own Device is all about:


Personal laptop with all known programmes and files.


Suitable for wireless presentations.


Intuitive use for staff and guests.


Touch-back functionality for intuitive work.


Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)

Bring Your Own Meeting goes one step further than BYOD and enables wireless video conferencing. The BYOM concept is about being able to use the video conferencing or meeting software of one's choice in a meeting room.

Since you need to make use of various video conferencing tools in your everyday professional life, for example for internal hybrid meetings or conferences with external people, the BYOM concept is the most flexible way to hold video conferences smoothly at any time. You bring the meeting into the meeting room on your own laptop, but are not dependent on the integrated webcam and microphone.


Instead, you use the equipment such as video conference cameras, microphones, loudspeakers and display media such as displays or projectors that are already installed in the meeting room. For this purpose, all conference equipment is connected to the basic unit of the presentation system.

When you now connect wirelessly to the presentation system, your laptop connects to the connected devices as if they were directly connected to the laptop.

Bring Your Own Meeting: Criteria for effective video conferencing systems:


Personal laptop with the preferred VC software.


Wireless video conferencing with the room's conference equipment.


Discuss content together in split-screen mode.

Icon flexibility

Interoperability with common videoconferencing tools.


Microsoft Teams Room (MTR)

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a physical meeting room equipped with AV hardware specifically certified for Microsoft Teams. This hardware includes screens, speakers, cameras and microphones and is suitable for rooms of all sizes, from small meeting rooms to large conference halls.

Seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Teams Rooms provides a consistent and user-friendly meeting experience. This makes Microsoft Teams Rooms a reliable solution for fully integrated meeting rooms.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams Rooms in our comprehensive guide.

The advantages of Microsoft Teams Rooms:


Meeting room with certified, coordinated hardware.


Collaborative meetings from any location.


Adaptable to room sizes and growing requirements.


Easily organise, join and actively participate in meetings.

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