Whiteboards/projection boards: Chalkboard 2.0

The simple elegance of a white enamelled surface meets the clear principle of "black-on-white". The chalkboards of the past chalk-dust generation are increasingly being replaced by neat whiteboards.


The advantages of a whiteboard at a glance

  • dust-free
  • low price
  • can be used as a projection surface
  • can be wiped dry
  • can be used as a magnetic board

Interactive whiteboards: More interaction in lessons and studies

Interactive whiteboards are a contemporary alternative to conventional chalkboards. The combination of a PC, a whiteboard and a projector creates the basis for interactive teaching and a variety of presentation scenarios.

The operation is either freehand, by finger pressure or with the help of a wireless pen. This allows you to add handwritten additions and explanatory annotations to your presentations and documents at any time. The whiteboard image can be easily saved and used for later use in class.

Smart Board MX in the classroom

The advantages of an interactive whiteboard at a glance

  • easy preparation of lesson content
  • multimedia presentation of content
  • modification and control of content in real time
  • manufacturer software with numerous templates
  • easy reuse of saved materials

Mounting an interactive whiteboard

You can buy an interactive whiteboard from us either with a projector attached to the board or with a projector for ceiling mounting or wall mounting. The advantage of a pre-configured projector whiteboard solution is, on the one hand, that the whiteboard remains variable in terms of height adjustment. On the other hand, the position of the projector in this construction ensures a shadow-free image and precise alignment with the whiteboard.

Projector tables, notebook trolleys & Co. - How to avoid a technical knockout.

You're good at it, and you know it: presentations, lectures and moderation are your thing. However, if there is a lack of supportive equipment, you will quickly fall flat on your face - and your projector or notebook with it.

Fortunately, we have the tried and tested tools for you - for a stable stand, safe storage and a professional impression.