Digital Workplace: Minimum of cables, maximum performance

Solutions for the digital workplace - stylish, wireless and intuitive

A modern and digital workplace must do justice to many facets. In the course of digitalisation, the equipment of a workplace in particular offers a lot of possibilities to work intuitively and productively!


Practical and functional workplace equipment is also becoming increasingly important in the home office . You spend several hours a week at your own workplace. For this reason, it should be furnished in such a way that you feel comfortable and have enough space to work productively.

But how do you design such a workplace in the office or at home? Our product experts have sat down together and considered scenarios of how a computer workplace in the office or a home office functions as a whole and offers enough space for creativity, flexibility, productivity and ergonomics.

Discover here how to implement these features in a workplace setup! After presenting this modern workplace setup, we have broken down the various test criteria of the individual product groups for you and presented them in their entirety.


Expert Set

  1. ViewSonic VG2755-2K
  2. Logitech Craft Keyboard - wireless
  3. Logitech Zone Wireless Headset - wireless
  4. Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse - wireless

Advanced Set

  1. ViewSonic VG2755
  2. Logitech K800 Keyboard - backlit, wireless
  3. Logitech H820e Headset - wireless
  4. Logitech MX Master for Business Mouse - wireless

Budget set

  1. ViewSonic VG2455
  2. Logitech K360 Keyboard - wireless
  3. Logitech H570e Headset - wired
  4. Logitech M705 Marathon mouse - wireless

Every workplace must be individually designed for the work at hand. With our product knowledge, we have herewith compiled three product set-ups for you that provide a template for your Modern Workplace.

The idea of the three workplace solutions differs mainly in the price range. However, we have made sure that all the products used are compatible with each other and can be exchanged from one set-up to the next. Of course, all the products can also be purchased individually from our shop.

High-quality expert solution for every desk

The expert set consists exclusively of high-quality and extremely functional products that are at the cutting edge of technology. This functional advantage makes all products ideal for use in the office or home office.


Top features of the Expert Set:

  • Monitor: 27 inch, excellent 2K resolution, height adjustable, tiltable
  • Webcam: Razor-sharp 4K resolution, 30fps, 90° FOV
  • Headset: Wireless, high wearing comfort, noise cancellation
  • Keyboard: Increased key stability, rotary control, intelligent lighting
  • Mouse: Fast scrolling, hand-friendly shape, 7 buttons, gesture key

Functional Advanced Set for your workplace

The Advanced Set consists of products that enable a functional and flexible workplace.


Top features of the Advanced Set:

  • Monitor: 27 inch, sharp Full HD resolution, height adjustable, tiltable
  • Webcam: sharp Full HD resolution, 30fps, 78° field of view
  • Headset: Wireless, comfortable to wear, up to 10 hours battery, charging station
  • Keyboard: Illumination, wireless, hand recognition, comfortable keystroke
  • Mouse: Hand-friendly shape, 5 buttons

Affordable budget solution for your workplace

In the budget solution we use products that, despite their low price, enhance every workplace functionally and productively - whether in the office or when working from home!


Top features of the Budget Set:

  • Monitor: 24 inch, excellent Full HD resolution, height adjustable, tiltable
  • Webcam: sharp Full HD resolution, 30fps, 69° FOV
  • Headset: wired, good wearing comfort
  • Keyboard: wireless, up to three years battery life, programmable F-keys
  • Mouse: up to three years battery life, fast scrolling

A monitor as the control centre of your workplace

A modern monitor offers more functions than just visualising the image at a workstation. When selecting the monitor, the focus was primarily on 3 points: ergonomics, the screen resolution and the functionality.


Important features of a monitor:

  • Height adjustable and tiltable
  • Inch size: 24" - 32
  • Resolution: Depending on work environment: Full HD - 4K
  • Practical features: USB-C docking station

The right mouse for maximum functionality

The mouse is an indispensable input device for computer work. The trend in modern workplaces is clearly towards wireless devices, as this creates more space and freedom on the desk.


Here you have the choice between a wireless mouse or a Bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth mice are usually only used in connection with a laptop and the internal Bluetooth interface. Wireless mice work via a USB receiver and a 2.4 GHz connection. The receiver can often be used to connect a mouse and keyboard at the same time, which saves a second USB connection.


If you compare the first computer mice with today's mice, they are hardly recognisable. Modern mice have a variety of practical features and are enormously comfortable for your hand. Especially additional buttons on the side of the mouse help you immensely during your daily work.

Modern mice are perfectly adapted to the human hand, which means they can be used comfortably for several hours a day. We have tested and compared different models and noticed that every human hand finds a different computer mouse more comfortable. However, we found that an ergonomic mouse is better to work with in the long run.


Important features of a PC mouse:

  • Wireless mice offer more freedom
  • Ergonomic shape for more comfort at the workplace
  • Extra buttons for fast and functional work

The optimal keyboard for your workplace

Next to the mouse, the keyboard is the most important input device in a digital workplace. Here, too, the trend towards wireless peripherals is clearly emerging.


Modern keyboards now offer practical features and functions that make your everyday work more pleasant. Besides a powerful battery, the most important thing is a comfortable and quiet keystroke.


Keyboards also have integrated features, such as energy-saving functions, backlights and rotary controls. A rotary control can be used to regulate various settings in a wide range of programmes: Brightness in Photoshop CC, enlarge texts in Microsoft products and much more.


Important features of a PC keyboard:

  • Wireless keyboards offer more freedom
  • Wireless or Bluetooth connection
  • Powerful battery
  • Quiet keystroke
  • Useful features: Backlight, energy-saving function & rotary knob

The right headset for internal & external collaboration

Modern workplaces are usually not equipped with a permanently installed telephone. Today, a headset at the workplace and telephone software on the computer connect internal and externaltelephone calls. However, not all headsets are the same. We have tried out and extensively tested different variants of this product group as well.


Unlike wired headsets, wireless headsets offer freedom and flexibility in the workplace. Furthermore, comfort, ease of use and compatibility with popular telephony applications such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Google Meet are important criteria.


Modern headsets for the workplace offer integrated features such as noise filtering, sound attenuation and multiple connections to different devices simultaneously. Multiple connections are especially interesting when a company mobile phone is used. This way, all incoming calls can be made conveniently from one headset.


Important features of a headset:

  • Wireless headsets for more freedom in the workplace
  • High comfort for long wearing times
  • Compatibility with Skype, Teams, Zoom & Meet
  • Useful features: noise filtering, sound attenuation & multiple connections

The right webcam for your workplace

A webcam at the workplace is used for external communication with partners, dealers or even customers. You can find out here what criteria you should look out for and what is particularly important when choosing.


The most important feature of a webcam is the resolution in which it records and transmits. The resolution you need depends greatly on the content you want to transmit. For a webcam that you only use at your direct workplace, a Full HD resolution is usually sufficient. However, if you stream frequently or record videos with the webcam, we recommend a 4K resolution.


Other important criteria are the camera's field of view and the number of images per second that are transmitted. How high the field of view of the webcam must be also depends strongly on the workplace and environment. In the area of the direct workplace, a FOV (Field of View) of 60° - 90° is sufficient. For a smooth image, the FPS rate should be in the range of 30fps.


Nowadays, every telephone application or internet browser is sufficiently protected against outside attacks. For one's own well-being, however, some webcams offer an integrated privacy screen that is simply pushed in front of the webcam's lens when not in use.


Important features of a webcam:

  • Image resolution: Depending on content : Full HD - 4K
  • Field of view: 60°-90
  • Frame rate: ~ 30fps
  • Integratedwebcam privacy screen

Ergonomic desks for back-friendly work

Nowadays, a desk is more than just a place to store work utensils. Here we tell you what you should look for when choosing a good and ergonomic desk.


First of all, make sure that the table is wide enough. If you work with several screens or an ultra-wide monitor, we recommend a minimum width of 1.75 metres. This will give you enough free space on your desk and storage area.


The most important criterion of a desk is the height adjustment . To protect your back, you should work standing up several times a day. Many desks offer the function of storing 3 positions in advance and moving the desk to the preset height at the touch of a button.


Important features of a desk:

  • Sufficient space for technical equipment + shelf
  • stepless height adjustment
  • stable stand

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