Display or TV in the conference room?

The advantages of a professional display for use in companies and educational institutions

Professional display or TV for your conference room?

A TV is ideal for watching or streaming TV in your living room. However, if you want to equip your school or business with a TV to show presentations or hold video conferences, the features are limited. We'll show you the advantages of professional displays for businesses and why it's worth investing in high-quality conference room equipment.


Professional Display and TV: A comparison of the advantages

The requirements for business and conference rooms are increasingly changing. It is no longer just about the pure display of content, but also about the interaction and collaboration of the participants in a conference or in a school. We present the advantages of displays over traditional TVs and explain why they are the better choice for professional environments such as conference rooms or educational institutions.

Advantages of displays

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Advantages of televisions

For professional applications, displays are the first choice. However, some advantages can also be found on the television side.

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Cheaper than a display

For about €1000, you can already get a 75-inch (189 cm) TV.

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Simple and intuitive operation

Smart TVs can be controlled with your mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to quickly and wirelessly play a video or series via a streaming service


Entertainment in waiting areas

Business TVs can also be used to engage or inform waiting customers. These combine some of the advantages of a TV with those of a professional display. For example, you can use them to stream news and play an image film or videos

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The top advantages of displays for office and school at a glance

The most important advantages why displays are the ideal equipment for your conference and meeting rooms are briefly summarised for you.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Continuous use up to 24/7 possible
  • usable with touchscreen
  • many connection options
  • comfortable screen sharing and multiscreen

The most important questions about the use of displays in the conference room

Although displays can sometimes be more expensive to buy, their higher quality, durability and additional features make them the superior solution with better value for money in the long run.
Screens are usually much brighter, offer additional features such as touch screens and screen sharing, making them ideal for corporate presentations and video conferences. They are also usually more energy-efficient, much more durable and require less maintenance, making them the more cost-effective option in the long run.
Although it varies from model to model, displays are generally more robust and reliable than TVs and are designed to run much longer (up to 24/7).
Yes, Zoom can be transferred to the TV by connecting your laptop or mirroring the screen of your terminal to the TV. However, this uses the camera and microphone of your terminal. This is perfectly adequate for private online meetings. However, if you want to make a professional impression on your clients, a conference solution in combination with a display is the better choice.
High-resolution displays, preferably with interactive features, are the ideal equipment for meeting rooms as they provide a clear, sharp image and encourage collaboration in the conference.
Staff in a meeting room looking at a display with a video conference in progress

Our Zoom Licences Guide

Everyone knows Zoom, but not everyone is aware of the full potential of the cloud-based all-in-one video conferencing software. In our guide, we reveal all the advantages of Zoom for companies and public institutions. Our visunext experts will be happy to support you in equipping your conference and meeting rooms.

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Conclusion: Display or TV for business?

For professional use, displays are the first choice. They are specifically designed for professional use in the meeting room. With their long operating time and special features such as touchscreen functions and business app integration, they offer a high level of interactivity and productivity that far exceeds the possibilities of conventional TVs.

Particularly noteworthy is the connectivity of the displays, which allows content from a variety of devices to be easily transferred and displayed on multiple screens simultaneously. This facilitates communication and collaboration within the team and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings.

In addition, displays offer excellent readability and visibility, regardless of the lighting conditions in the room, due totheir higher brightness andhaze level. Built-in dust protection ensures longer life, justifying a long-term investment in the new equipment. However, for commercial environments where entertainment is paramount, such as doctor's office waiting rooms, business TVs may well be a suitable choice. However, when efficiency, flexibility and customisability are key, professional displays are the ideal solution.

To find the right display solutions for your applications, our visunext experts will be happy to provide you with individual advice.

Display application examples on the Samsung Flip

The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B interactive display is perfect for businesses and educational institutions. It is characterised by its very large work surface, which is perfectly designed for collaborative work. In this video you can learn more about the most important functions and examples of use.


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