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Barco ClickShare systems

Interactive presentations with just 1 click

Present interactively in the meeting room with Barco ClickShare

A revolution in meeting culture: the ClickShare presentation system allows you to wirelessly transfer your screen content from a laptop or smartphone to a display at the touch of a button. Several presentation participants can join in at the same time with just one click.


Take a look at your diary: an important meeting is coming up! You walk into the meeting room with your presentation. And? The technology isn't working again! Your colleagues on site are already annoyed, while the others are waiting in the home office for the meeting to be broadcast. That doesn't have to be the case!

With Barco ClickShare and ClickShare Conference, interactive presentations are possible in just two steps:


Connect the receiver unit to your projector or display using an HDMI cable.


Connect the ClickShare button to your laptop.

You're ready to start your presentation!

The ClickShare Conference series also connects to the video conferencing system in the meeting room so that you can start your online meeting directly from your laptop. From now on, all your colleagues will always be there!


The base unit is connected to the display or projector via HDMI and communicates wirelessly with the dongle connected to the laptop, tablet or smartphone via a USB port.


Start the application on your laptop or tablet and select the content you want to present.


Press the button on the dongle connected to the laptop or tablet to start the screen transmission.


Your transmitted content will now appear on the display or screen, depending on where you have connected the base unit.


Advantages at a glance

  • Wireless transmission
  • Plug-and-play simply via dongle or app
  • intuitive operation
  • no software installation
  • cross-device for iOS, OSX, Windows and Android

The Barco ClickShare systems at a glance

The Barco ClickShare series is the first choice when it comes to giving a presentation simply and intuitively. Using the ClickShare button or app, you can easily mirror your screen on the meeting room display. This allows all participants to see your content live. Your guests can also easily present on the display or projector in your meeting or conference room.

Barco ClickShare Conference - video conferencing with one click!

Connectivity is the top priority with Barco's Conference series! The ClickShare Conferencing Button connects wirelessly to existing conference cameras, soundbars, microphones and your video conferencing tools, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This means you can bring your laptop into a meeting room and start a video conference using the existing hardware. The motto: Bring Your Own Meeting!

Our ClickShare recommendations

Barco and Jabra: The perfect partnership for modern meetings!

Barco and Jabra, the experts in video conferencing technology, have joined forces! The result is video conferencing solutions for your meeting rooms that enable you to hold presentations and video conferences more efficiently.

Barco Jabra Bundle

Our bundle recommendation: Barco ClickShare Conference with a Jabra PanaCast video bar

With this bundle of Barco ClickShare Conference CX-30 and the Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar, you experience a practical combination of wireless presentation with high-quality video conferencing. The bundle is perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms.


All-in-one conference camera: Jabra PanaCast 50

  • 180° field of view in 4K resolution
  • first-class HD stereo sound

Barco ClickShare Conference CX-30

  • BYOD support
  • connect and get started right away
  • Compact design for more organisation

Barco XMS Cloud Management Platform

TheBarco XMS Cloud Management Platform is an advanced, cloud-based platform specifically designed to monitor, manage and analyseClickShare devices in work environments. The platform enables IT professionals to efficiently install, configure and manage multiple ClickShare devices.

The advantages of the XMS Cloud

Cloud-based monitoring and management

Enables quick and easy installation, configuration and efficient management of ClickShare systems.

User-friendliness for IT experts

User-friendly with comprehensive functions for efficient management.

Comprehensive security and data analyses

Improving the conference room experience through detailed analyses.

Higher productivity and device stability

Improved profitability and user acceptance of ClickShare devices.

ISO 27001 certified security standards

Ensures high security by means of threat analyses, security requirements and penetration tests.

Proactive device monitoring and maintenance

Enables rapid response and maximum system availability.
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