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Discover the impressive world of LG products at visunext - the expert for audiovisual solutions! With us, private customers, business customers and public institutions will find a wide range of high-quality products that will enhance any workplace, educational institution or home.


Originally founded in 1958 as Goldstar, LG has continued to evolve and is now an industry leader.

In the TV segment, LG sets standards with pioneering technologies such as OLED and NanoCell, which guarantee first-class picture quality and a breathtaking viewing experience. In the home appliance segment, LG also inspires with a comprehensive range of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and much more that meet the highest demands.

The LG brand embodies quality, innovation and cutting-edge technology. With an LG product, you always acquire a reliable and durable solution. LG pays special attention to environmental friendliness and sustainability and pursues the ambitious goal of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2030.

LG product highlights

LG projector: Big pictures for home cinema and meeting room

Discover the impressive LG projectors! LG's extensive expertise in LED projector production enables first-class projection solutions.

Especially with the LG business projectors, the company relies on innovative energy-saving technology and thus stands out from the competition. As a result, you benefit from efficient and environmentally friendly presentation technology that is tailored precisely to your business needs.

LG offers a wide range of projectors for the business sector as well as fascinating home cinema solutions. Let yourself be inspired by Full HD laser projectors with the modern BrillantColor technology and enjoy an unforgettable cinema experience in your own home.

Discover the many uses and benefits of LG projectors, designed specifically for different needs and requirements. From laser TV projectors to 4K and Full HD home theatre projectors,mobile projectors and business projectors, LG offers a comprehensive range of projection solutions to give you an immersive visual experience in any situation. See for yourself the outstanding quality and performance of the LG projector range and find the perfect model for your individual requirements.

Our visunext projection area calculator

With our projection area calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the projection distance and image size for any projector.

Projection distance calculator

LG projector highlights

LG Displays at visunext

Discover the impressive variety of LG display series that meet different requirements in different areas of application.

From professional standalone displays, video wall displays, outdoor and window displays to stretch and interactive touch displays, LG offers a wide range of high-quality display solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, educational institutions and public spaces.

Be inspired by the excellent quality and performance of the LG display series and find the ideal model to meet your individual requirements.

LG Display Highlights

LG monitors at visunext

Discover the many advantages and possible uses of the LG monitor series, which are tailored to different needs and requirements.

Whether ergonomic monitors for maximum comfort, widescreen monitors for creative professionals, gaming monitors for a gripping gaming experience, high-resolution displays for precise image editing or affordable Full HD monitors for everyday use - LG offers the right solution for every application. Be inspired by the outstanding quality and performance of LG monitors and find the perfect model for your individual needs.

With LG 's Ergo Series Ergonomic Monitors, you'll benefit from an adaptable solution that aims for optimal working posture and maximum comfort - ideal for offices, home offices and professional environments where ergonomics and productivity are paramount.

Experience an immersive widescreen experience with LG's 21:9 Ultrawide Series monitors, perfect for creative professionals or multitasking enthusiasts looking for extra workspace or to use multiple applications simultaneously.

Specifically tailored to the needs of gamers, LG Gaming monitors from the Ultragear series offer high refresh rates, fast response times and stunning colours to ensure an immersive and smooth gaming experience.

Incredible detail, vivid colours and razor-sharp images are the hallmarks of LG's Ultrafine Series UHD/QHD monitors, perfect for graphic designers, photographers, video editors or other creative users who rely on accurate colour reproduction and the highest resolution.

Offering versatility and outstanding picture quality at an affordable price, LG's M Series Full HD monitors are ideal for everyday use in offices, home offices or as a second monitor.

Thanks to advanced OLED technology, LG OLED monitors set new standards in terms of picture quality, colour fidelity and contrast, making them particularly suitable for professional users and demanding home users looking for an unparalleled visual experience.

LG Monitor Highlights

LG LED Walls at visunext

LG LED Walls offer an impressive combination of benefits that make them a preferred choice for professional presentations, shop windows, events or immersive home cinema experiences. The exceptional picture quality, which is evident in vivid colours and crisp images, provides an impressive viewing experience even in daylight or brightly lit environments.

The advantages of LED Walls

The modular construction allows a high degree of flexibility in the design of screen sizes and shapes, so that the displays can be individually adapted to the specific requirements and spatial conditions. Whether large format video walls, curved displays or creative installations - with LG LED Walls there are virtually no limits to your ideas.

LG LED Walls are also designed for easy installation and maintenance. The modular panels are easy to assemble and disassemble, which speeds up the installation process and simplifies maintenance. At the same time, the high-quality LED components offer a long service life and reduce maintenance, while energy-efficient LEDs ensure lower power consumption and minimise operating costs and environmental impact.

The high visibility and wide viewing angles allow for a comfortable viewing experience for the audience, as colours and image quality are maintained even at sideways viewing angles. LG LED Walls are also available in a variety of designs tailored to different environmental conditions to ensure an optimal image in any situation.

Overall, LG LED Walls impress with their excellent image quality, flexibility, easy installation and maintenance, durability, energy efficiency and adaptability to different environmental conditions, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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