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What are ViewSonic extensions and what are they used for? ViewSonic extensions are innovative accessory products that have been specially developed for ViewSonic projectors. With them, you can take your audiovisual experience to the next level and make your projects even more impressive. Whether you want to enhance your presentations in the office, enjoy high-quality films in your home cinema or create interactive lessons at school, ViewSonic extensions offer you the right solution.

What ViewSonic extensions are available and what functions do they have? In our online shop you will find a large selection of ViewSonic projector add-ons, including the practical Wireless USB Adapter, which allows you to connect your projector wirelessly to your laptop or smartphone. No more annoying cables getting in the way of your workstation or presentation! Or how about the innovative finger-touch unit, which allows you to control your projector with your fingertips and create interactive presentations? We also offer you the wireless LAN adapter for a fast and reliable wireless connection and the WLAN dongle for a simple wireless network connection
How can I use the ViewSonic extensions and what are their advantages? With the ViewSonic extensions you can carry out your projects more flexibly and efficiently. Use the wireless USB adapter to give your presentations without the hassle of cables and enjoy complete freedom of movement. With the finger-touch unit, you can create interactive content and actively involve your audience. The wireless LAN adapter and WLAN dongle ensure a reliable wireless connection and enable wireless streaming of your content. With the ViewSonic extensions, you can expand the application possibilities of your projector and benefit from easier operation and improved connectivity.

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