Discover the perfect projector mount for an optimal home cinema experience, professional presentations or use in public facilities such as schools. Welcome to our online shop, which specialises in audio and visual products. With our wide range of projector mounts, we offer customised solutions for private customers, business customers and public institutions. Immerse yourself in the world of projector mounts and benefit from our outstanding service.

Our projector mounts allow you to optimise the positioning of your projector and offer you maximum flexibility. Whether you need a projector ceiling mount, projector wall mount, projector tripod mount or projector swivel mount, you'll find what you're looking for here. Our universal projector mounts are suitable for most common projector models and offer simple and secure mounting

What are the different types of projector mounts? We have a variety of options to suit individual requirements. Our projector ceiling mounts are ideal for attaching the projector to the ceiling and provide an optimal line of sight. The projector wall brackets allow flexible positioning on the wall and save valuable space. For mobile use, we recommend our projector tripod mounts, which are easy to transport and quick to set up. The projector swivel brackets allow the projector to be easily adjusted for optimum alignment.
What functions do projector mounts offer? Our projector mounts are equipped with a variety of practical functions. They offer adjustable height and tilt to optimise the alignment of the projector and achieve the best possible image. Some models can even be extended to achieve the desired distance from the screen. In addition, many of our projector mounts offer integrated cable routing to neatly organise annoying cables and ensure a clean look.

How do you install a projector mount? Installing our projector mounts is simple and straightforward. Each bracket comes with detailed instructions that explain step-by-step how to securely mount the projector. For customers who need assistance, we are happy to offer our installation service. Our experienced technicians will take care of the professional installation so that you can concentrate fully on your home cinema or presentation

What factors should you consider when choosing a projector mount? When choosing a projector mount, it is important to consider various factors. Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the mount to ensure that it can hold the projector securely. Check the compatibility with your projector model and make sure the mount is the right size.