Suitable mounting systems for projectors, displays and monitors

Are you looking for a suitable mounting system? Whether for your projector in the home cinemadisplay in the conference room or monitor in the office - we explain the most important things for buying high-quality mounting systems for all installation situations.


Simple display installations with display brackets

Displays can be mounted in different ways. The most common types of mounting include, for example, mounting via a wall bracket, on a display stand or via a ceiling bracket.

Projector ceiling mounts - What you need to consider

A large proportion of projectors are permanently installed at the user's home, whether it is in the living room or home cinema room, in company meeting rooms or in classrooms. In order to find the right projector mount, there are a few aspects to consider!


Optimal monitor mounts

Monitor mounts are used if you either want to place several monitors on your desk or if your monitor cannot be adjusted ergonomically. Many mounts offer the height adjustment function, so that they can be set up in an ideal way that is easy on the back.