Projector ceiling mount buying guide

Find the right ceiling mount for your living room, home cinema room, meeting room or classroom with our buying guide!


Projector ceiling mounts - What you need to consider

A large proportion of projectors are permanently installed at the user's home, whether it is in the living room or home cinema room, in company meeting rooms or in classrooms.

Why a projector ceiling mount?


Depending on target screen size, the Projector need to be a certain distance from the screen. Since this point is often right in the middle of a room, it can be difficult to place the projector there inconspicuously. By installing it on the ceiling, a projector can be inconspicuously integrated into the room.

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You can move freely underneath the projector, there can be a table underneath, or you can even sit underneath. The projector ceiling mount creates more free space in this way.


Another aspect is the room design. Placing a projector in the middle of the room can be distracting. Especially with large home cinema projectors, ceiling mounting makes sense, as otherwise they can take up a lot of space in the room.

Which projector ceiling mount is the right one?

Once you have decided on a projector ceiling mount, the next question is: Which projector ceiling mount is the right one? This question is influenced by several factors. Which projector are you using? How high is the ceiling? Where does the screen hang? Many questions - we provide the answers!

Which projector will be installed on the ceiling mount?

To find the right projector mount, you first need to see which projector you want to install. There are now a variety of projectors, all of which offer different threaded points on the bottom. Some are further apart, some closer together.


In our selection of projector ceiling mounts you'll find a variety of universal mounts. They allow for easy installation of 90% of the most common projectors. A universal projector mount offers adjustable feet that you can place over the respective threaded holes and screw there.

If you are buying a projector that is somewhat larger and therefore has larger distances between each one, it is important to go for a projector mount that has extra-long arms or has a plate that is specially made for your projector.

If you are not sure which projector ceiling mount is suitable for your projector, ask our experts! We will be happy to help you!

The most important purchase criteria

Projector ceiling mount for suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are found especially in offices, meeting and conference rooms. Since a single ceiling panel is not able to support a projector, in this case the projector bracket has to be screwed to the concrete ceiling above or installed on the metal structure with a special projector mount for suspended ceilings. Below you will find our product recommendations for these applications.


How heavy can the projector be?


Conventional projectors weigh between 2 and 5 kg on average. This weight class is no problem for the universal ceiling mounts. How many kilograms a mount can carry is indicated in the product description or the technical data. You can work with this value without worry. If you have a projector that is larger and heavier, we recommend a projector ceiling mount that offers above-average load-bearing capacity. Another aspect here is that the arms of the mount may need to be longer than usual.

Projector ceiling mounts for particularly heavy and large projectors


If you want to install a large installation projector or home cinema projector on the ceiling, conventional projector mounts are often not enough. In these cases, you need a ceiling mount that offers a particularly high load-bearing capacity and uses a wide span of mounting arms or a plate made for the projector. When choosing a mount, be aware that the weight of the projector is usually given without the lens. You will need to add the weight for the lens. Below you will find our recommendations for projector mounts for large and heavy projectors.

Projector ceiling mount for sloped ceilings


If you want to install a projector on the ceiling in an attic room, you often have the problem of a sloping ceiling. Unfortunately, a conventional bracket cannot be used here because the plate that is screwed to the ceiling is fixed to the rest of the bracket.  The solution to this problem is a projector ceiling mount for sloping ceilings! The head of the bracket, which is mounted on the ceiling, can be swivelled and adjusted to the slope of the ceiling!

Most popular projector ceiling mounts

As with other product groups, there are of course a few favourites among our customers for projector mounts.


celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel1200W

The Multicel1200W has a fixed ceiling distance of 12cm. It is tiltable in all 4 directions.

celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel4070W

The Multicel4070 provides an adjustable distance of 40 to 70cm to the ceiling through the supplied extension tube.

celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel 1500 Expert

The Multicel 1500 Expert has a fixed ceiling distance of 15 cm. The mount offers a quick release function where the projector can be released by pressing a button.

You don't want to install the projector on the ceiling? Then take a closer look at our projector wall mounts!

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