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Meetings and conferences are essential for organisations to collaborate effectively. In today's business world, where hybrid and online meetings are at the forefront, it is essential that employees experience disruption-free meetings from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms. The right equipment in these rooms has a significant impact on team productivity.

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The advantages of modern conference room equipment


Increased efficiency

Accelerated set-up and flow and seamless transitions between presentations and discussions.


Promotion of cooperation

Interactive whiteboards and collaborative software promote teamwork and the exchange of ideas.

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Improved communication

High-quality audio and video equipment ensures clear communication, regardless of the distance between participants.


Room optimisation

Intelligent room booking systems avoid double bookings or unused rooms.

AV technology for presentations and conferences

A modern conference room no longer relies solely on traditional presentation tools, but utilises advanced AV solutions such as projectors, displays and LED walls to communicate information more effectively, encourage collaboration and create a dynamic environment for meetings and presentations. These technologies offer unrivalled image quality and flexibility, making discussions and presentations more lively, interactive and efficient.

The right video conferencing technology

In a digitalised business world, video conferencing systems are essential for efficient communication across distances . The right technology and a well thought-out room design are crucial to ensure interference-free and productive communication. With our many years of expertise and an eye for detail, we support you in realising the optimal video conferencing room that is precisely tailored to your needs.


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Wireless presentation - presenting made easy

Wireless presentation systems offer a seamless and straightforward way to share content without the clutter of cables to content in meeting rooms. Such a system not only promotes a smooth transition between different presenters, but also removes technical hurdles that often take up valuable meeting time.

Whether you need to quickly show a graphic from a laptop or hold a video conference, wireless presentation systems can transform conference rooms of any size into multifunctional, efficient and state-of-the-art communication centres.

Discover the variety of dongle-based solutions for optimised presentations and conference experiences from well-known manufacturers!

How wireless presentation systems work


The base unit is connected to the display or projector via HDMI and communicates wirelessly with the dongle connected to the laptop, tablet or smartphone via a USB port.


Start the application on your laptop or tablet and select the content you want to present.


Press the button on the dongle connected to the laptop or tablet to start the screen transmission.


Your transmitted content will now appear on the display or screen, depending on where you have connected the base unit.

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Modern control systems in conference rooms

Control systems play a central role in optimising and simplifying the technical processes of modern conference rooms. The combination of automation and intuitive user interfaces makes everyday life easier and reduces energy costs.

These systems make it possible to centrally control and seamlessly integrate a wide range of aspects - from lighting and audio/video equipment to room temperature -whether for lighting control, security, audio/video, air conditioning or energy management, we will be happy to advise you!

Digital room booking systems for the conference room

Increase efficiency and productivity with intelligent room management. Discover how our digital room booking systems avoid booking conflicts, optimise workflows and shape the rhythm of your modern company. Make your company future-proof now!

Wondering how you can increase collaboration and operational efficiency in your organisation? Find out more about modern room booking solutions in our guide and discover how they can revolutionise everyday working life in your business environment.

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The right acoustics and lighting in conference rooms

Optimum room acoustics, well thought-out lighting and shading as well as the right conference room equipment are key elements of modern conference rooms. Discover how these factors improve communication and create a productive atmosphere.

The optimum room acoustics

Room acoustics play a decisive role in modern conference rooms. It has a decisive influence on how well communication and dialogue succeed within the room.

After all, the most important thing in meetings is intelligibility. An optimal acoustic room climate ensures that every word, every idea and every question is clearly understood.

Wall murals with sound-absorbing properties or moss pictures that refract sound waves and thus optimise the room sound are not only practical but also visually appealing. They combine design with functionality and thus contribute to a pleasant and productive meeting atmosphere. We survey your room acoustically and plan the arrangement and size of the elements!


Natural light, lighting and shading

Natural light and intelligent lighting concepts play a central role in modern conference rooms. The right balance between daylight and artificial lighting promotes participants' well-being and ability to concentrate.

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Room control systems seamlessly adapt lighting conditions to different times of day and presentation requirements .


Modern shading solutions provide optimum control over the incidence of light to ensure the best conditions for meetings at all times.


Good ventilation and air conditioning in conference rooms are fundamental factors for the well-being of those present.


The number of participants controls the technology and equipment

Would you like to optimise your conference room? In modern conference rooms, the number of participants determines the selection and use of the right technology. It is therefore essential to size the room and the technology according to the expected number of participants in order to ensure efficient, interference-free communication and to network all participants with each other.

In the following, we would like to present best-practice equipment for the ideal conference room, tailored to different numbers of participants.

Conference rooms with up to 6 participants


Compact but comfortable tables and chairs are ideal for rooms with up to 6 participants. Round or oval tables can facilitate communication, as each participant can maintain eye contact with the others. Ergonomic swivel chairs with adjustable armrests and backrests support a healthy sitting posture.

Conference room equipment for rooms with up to 6 participants

Good ★★★★
Better ★★★★
Best ★★★★★
ScreensA single display A single display
Interactive conference room display
ConnectivityWLAN connectionWired connectionWired connection with dedicated network
Room sound systemCentral table microphone with ceiling speakerTwo table microphones with wall speakersTable microphones with surround sound system
Room equipmentStandard conference tableHeight-adjustable conference tableModular tables with integrated technology

Rooms for up to 18 participants


In rooms with up to 18 participants, elongated or modular tables are often used, which can be arranged as required. Ergonomically shaped chairs with upholstery and the option of individual adjustment ensure that every participant sits comfortably, even in longer meetings.

Optimum conference room equipment for up to 18 participants

Good ★★★★
Better ★★★★
Best ★★★★★
DisplaysA single displayDual screen displaysInteractive dual-screen display solutions
ConnectivityWLAN connection if bandwidth is sufficientWired connection for larger data exchangeWired connection for larger data exchange
Room sound systemTable microphones and ceiling speakersMultiple table microphones and wall speakersMultiple ceiling microphones, combined with body or lavalier microphones and surround sound system
Room equipmentStandard conference tablesAdjustable conference tablesModular tables with integrated technology

Conference rooms from 18 participants


Larger, often U-shaped or open conference table constellations are suitable for conference rooms with 18 or more participants. High-quality, ergonomic chairs with breathability and optimum support behaviour are essential in such rooms to ensure optimum circulation and concentration during meetings.

Equipment for conference rooms with more than 18 participants

Good ★★★★
Better ★★★★
Best ★★★★★
ScreensMultiple professional conference room displaysMultiple interactive conference room displaysLarge format LED wall
ConnectivityWired connection with dedicated networkWired connection with multiple dedicated networksWired connection with multiple dedicated networks and WLAN backup
Room sound reinforcementMultiple high-quality table microphones and ceiling speakersMultiple professional table microphones and wall speakersMultiple ceiling microphones, combined with body or lavalier microphones and surround sound system
Room equipmentStandard conference tablesAdjustable modular conference tables and chairsCustomised modular tables with integrated technology, lectern if required

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