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Smooth room management is crucial for efficiency and productivity in modern business organisation. Digital room booking systems create transparency and flexibility, avoid booking conflicts and optimise room utilisation. Discover how our solutions optimise workflows and future-proof your company.


Duplicate room reservations and inadequately equipped meeting rooms can significantly impact productivity in your organisation. Digital room booking systems address these challenges. They provide clarity on room availability and amenities, minimise booking conflicts and ensure you always find the right room for your needs.

If you're looking for a solution that both promotes collaboration and increases operational efficiency, you've come to the right place! Learn more about the benefits and features of our room booking solutions and how they can transform your business environment.

The future of meeting planning: Why digital room booking systems are a must

Digital room booking systems are innovative technology solutions for optimising room booking and management. In large companies where numerous meetings and conferences take place, coordinating the availability and use of rooms can become a major challenge.

This is where digital room booking systems are needed. They offer a central platform that provides real-time information on room availability and equipment. The result is better utilisation of space and simplified meeting planning .


Advantages of digital room reservation at a glance


Effortless booking of different rooms and resources


Easy overview of occupied and vacant rooms


Easy integration into already existing calendars


Quick bookings for spontaneous meetings


Automatic reminders and booking confirmations


Synchronisation with calendar applications and tools


Information about room equipment and number of participants


Traceability over past bookings

Display vs. e-ink room booking system technology

Digital room booking systems differ in their display technology: while classic displays score with brilliant colour representation and high refresh rates, e-ink displays impress with energy efficiency and readability. Both technologies offer their own advantages.


Display technology

Displays in room booking systems allow intuitive handling. With a single touch of a finger, user information can be called up and bookings can be adjusted directly at the room. With integrated software, seamless synchronisation and management of your rooms is guaranteed.


E-ink technology

E-ink displays are energy efficient and only require power when the screen changes. They ensure longer battery operation of the room booking system and remain clear and sharp to read even in sunlight.

Functions of common room booking systems

Room booking systems offer a variety of functions and features that increase both efficiency and user-friendliness. In companies, they greatly facilitate the planning and use of meeting and conference rooms. By digitising the room booking processes, incorrect and double bookings are avoided, resulting in smoother operations and fewer conflicts between employees.

In addition, such systems provide a clear overview of room availability, so that valuable working time is no longer wasted searching for a free room. The investment in such a system quickly pays for itself, as it contributes to improved room utilisation, more effective meetings and overall higher employee satisfaction.


Use of different calendar tools

Room booking systems offer seamless integrations with popular calendar tools such as Google Workspace, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This makes organising your meetings much easier: Integrate the system with tools you already use and meetings appear on the room booking display.


Integration into existing infrastructures

The integration of a room booking system is surprisingly simple. After a room has been assigned a mail address, this is simply invited in the calendar tool used. In addition to booking via the calendar tool, this can also take place directly in front of the room at the panel. The standardised use of the systems does not require any separate plug-ins or software.


Simple and unobtrusive installation

Thanks to WLAN capability, most room booking systems can be installed flexibly and can beconnected both via power supply or via Power of Ethernet (PoE) . Magnetic brackets allow easy mounting, even on glass surfaces . Optional wall brackets also ensure secure mounting.


Real-time availability display

The real-time display shows the current occupancy status of a room and prevents double bookings. Mounted directly on the door, it allows staff and visitors to quickly find their way around, reducing disruption and keeping the working environment respectful. Additional features such as the display of estimated end times of meetings increase planning efficiency and optimise the workflow.


Analysis and reporting functions

Companies can use these analytics to effectively monitor room usage and identify bottlenecks. Detailed statistics show how and when rooms are used, which helps to avoid overbooking and optimise space planning. Based on this data, decisions can be made about room designs or necessary expansions.

What should be considered when buying a room booking system?

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1. Integration with existing tools

Check the integration of the system with your existing digital calendars and tools

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2. User friendliness

The system should be intuitive so that employees can use it without much training


3. Flexibility and scalability

Choose a scalable system that supports different room booking scenarios.
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4. Security and data protection

The system should meet the highest security standards, especially for confidential information


5. Customer support

Good support facilitates the introduction and optimises the use of functions

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