Projector or TV in the living room/home cinema?

Advantages and disadvantages of projectors and TV sets

What is the right choice for your living room or home cinema - projector or TV? We present the most important differences between the two types of device in detail!

Find out now which advantages a projector or a TV offers you and which device is suitable for your home- make up your own mind!


Projector and television: a comparison of the advantages


projector advantages

  • Projection sizes beyond available screen diagonals
  • cheaper than TV screen diagonals of comparable size
  • more space-saving than a TV
  • high quality colours & contrast
  • Reflection of the screen provides pleasant and quiet light
  • real home cinema
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TV advantages

  • comparably low prices for small screen diagonals
  • hardly any installation effort
  • good picture quality regardless of ambient light

We recommend projectors for a real home cinema atmosphere in large format - there is nothing better. TVs are suitable for everyday use of the TV programme offer.

The advantages of a projector in detail

If you place a lot of value on the largest possible picture, a projector is the first and only right choice. Only with a projector and a screen can you experience great cinema! Since most users have a darkened home cinema room, ambient light plays a less important role. However, if you run the device in very bright rooms and have no possibility of darkening or only watch a film occasionally, a TV offers sufficient features.

Home cinema with beamer showing a football match

However, for asimilar price ,a projector offers you a considerably larger image diagonal and natural, high-contrast colours. Even the projector replacement lamps are now significantly cheaper and the maintenance costs have been minimised as a result. With an LED projector, this factor is already completely eliminated.

In a nutshell: A projector offers many advantages over a TV screen. We explain how you can easily find your ideal projector in our projector buying guide!

Combining projector and TV

Projectorand TV complement each other wonderfully: for example, you can use the TV for short series or news and enjoy your favourite film or blockbuster on the big screen in the evening. Our contact partners will be happy to explain to you on the phone or by e-mail how best to use the projector and TV in combination!

Ultra-short-throw projector: beamed briefly, seen far away

If you want to combine the best of a TV and projector in one device, then we recommend an ultra-short-throw projector. An ultra-short-throw projector (UST), often also called an ultra-short-distance projector, is a type of projector that conjures up a magnificent king-size image on the wall from a very short distance (just a few centimetres!). The proud image width of 2.20 m will catch anyone's eye.

Our TV projector favourites

The most important questions about the comparison between projector and TV set

TVs have comparatively low prices for smaller screen diagonals and require hardly any installation effort. They also offer good picture quality regardless of ambient light and are now also available in 4K.
TVs are suitable for everyday use of the TV programme offer and are a good choice when a true home cinema experience with large projection sizes and 4K resolution is not necessary.
Projectors offer projection sizes beyond the available screen diagonals, are cheaper for comparable sizes, more space-saving than TVs, deliver high-quality colour & contrast and a pleasant and calm light. They also enable a true home cinema experience with 4K resolution, perfect for movies in stunning picture quality.
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