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Poly is a renowned brand that offers high-quality communication solutions and headsets. With a wide range of products for corporate, educational and personal use, Poly enables premium audio and video communication in various application areas such as conference rooms, call centres and home offices. The advanced features and premium sound quality of Poly products improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

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Poly was formed in 2019 through the merger of Plantronics and Polycom. Plantronics had been a renowned manufacturer of audio technology and headsets since 1961, while Polycom had established itself as a pioneer in video conferencing technology.

The merger of these two companies created Poly, a strong brand specialising in high-quality audio and video communication solutions. With a wide range of products, Poly offers innovative technologies such as noise cancellation, HD audio quality and seamless integration with various communication platforms. With Poly, users can benefit from clear and smooth communication experiences, whether in professional environments, home offices or meeting rooms.

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Connection options

There are wired, wireless and USB heads ets from Poly to meet different needs. The wired headsets offer a reliable connection and audio quality, while the wireless headsets allow maximum freedom of movement. The USB headsets offer easy plug-and-play integration with various devices
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Wearing comfort and design

Poly headsets are ergonomically designed and comfortable to keep you comfortable during long conversations or meetings. They are available in a variety of designs including over-ear, on-ear and in-ear to suit your personal preferences
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Audio quality

Poly headsets offer excellent audio quality with clear and natural sound. They are equipped with high-quality microphones and speakers to ensure precise voice transmission and an immersive listening experience.

Functions and technology

Depending on the model, poly headsets offer various features such as noise cancellation, voice control, multi-device connectivity and much more. They can also be integrated with dedicated software solutions and platforms to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Poly product highlights

Poly video conferencing systems



The Poly P-Serieswebcams offer high quality images and easy integration into various applications. With advanced features such as HD resolution and automatic exposure adjustment, they enable clear video recording and video conferencing. Ideally suited for use in corporate, home office environments and online meetings, the P-Series webcams provide professional visual communication.

Studio series

The Poly Studio series webcams offer premium video quality and optimised audio features for impressive communication. With high-resolution cameras and integrated microphones, they enable clear video recording and crystal-clear sound. Ideally suited for video conferencing, home office, online teaching and live streaming, the Studio Series webcams provide a professional and immersive communication experience.
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