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Founded in 2013, Airtame's mission is to improve collaboration in organisations and educational institutions through simple, smart and engaging signage and conferencing solutions. With Airtame, anyone can effortlessly broadcast content from their personal device to the screen on the wall, be it a student in a classroom or a team member in a hybrid meeting.

The Airtame products: Networking and innovation for your business

The Airtame product range includes the two devices Airtame 2 and Airtame Hub. In combination with the Airtame Cloud and compatible peripheral devices, both devices enable simple screen sharing, digital signage and remote management. The Airtame Hub can also be used for hybrid conferences.


Airtame 2

Airtame 2 enables wireless presentations from computers, mobile phones or tablets to displays or projectors. The Airtame 2 supports the transmission of video and audio via AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast and the Airtame app. It has integrated functions for digital signage. Remote management of all devices is possible via the Airtame Cloud. It also offers improved Wi-Fi range and more stable connections thanks to increased memory capacity and a more powerful Wi-Fi chip. Airtame 2 supports the transmission of Full HD at 60 frames per second for clear and smooth image reproduction.


Airtame Hub

The Airtame Hub facilitates hybrid conferences with a powerful, stable and simple solution. This device eliminates the usual technical preparations before meetings. It allows peripheral devices to be connected directly to the hub and controls the meeting via the Airtame app on the laptop. This results in improved video and sound quality as well as seamless collaboration by using the laptop as a remote control. Power-over-Ethernet provides a solid network connection.


Airtame Cloud

The Airtame Cloud offers remote management features for the Airtame 2 and Airtame Hub. This means your displays can be managed and updated from anywhere. In addition, the displays can be automatically switched on and off via CEC, for example depending on office or school hours. Centralised app updates ensure that all devices run without interruption. The intelligent dashboard makes it possible to prevent downtime.



With the Airtame Power-over-Ethernet adapter, you can realise power and a wired network connection with just one cable. If you do not want to choose a PoE option but still need a wired network connection, the Airtame Ethernet adapter is the right choice for you. The Airtame extension cable is ideal for reaching more remote sockets.

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