Immerse yourself in the world of impressive home cinema with the celexon Motor HomeCinema series. These high-quality products are aimed specifically at private customers with a passion for home cinema experiences. With variable formats and first-class quality, the celexon Motor HomeCinema series offers an impressive selection of motorised screens that will make the heart of any film fan beat faster.

The motorised screens for home cinema feature an electric control system that enables effortless retraction and extension. Thanks to the simple operation and the option of ceiling or wall mounting, they offer maximum flexibility for placement in the room.

The advantages of an electric screen in a home cinema are many. It allows seamless presentation of films in different formats, be it 16:9 for modern blockbusters or 4:3 for classic films. With a perfectly stretched screen and increased contrast, you experience enhanced picture quality and an immersive viewing experience.
To optimise your home cinema experience, we offer an installation service and a reliable delivery service. In addition, you will find matching accessories for the celexon Motor HomeCinema series in our range to customise and enhance your home cinema.

Experience the ultimate home cinema experience with the celexon Motor HomeCinema series. Immerse yourself in vivid worlds, captivating stories and stunning visual effects. With our high-quality motor screens, you can bring the cinema experience directly into your living room. Get ready for unforgettable movie nights and wow family and friends with a home cinema experience that impresses.