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The celexon high-contrast screens of the HomeCinema CLR series are characterised by their outstanding 8K contrast projection screen fabric and the diverse size options from 100", 110" up to 120". Thanks to the innovative Tension rope tensioning system, the screen is always perfectly stretched and guarantees a smooth surface without creases or waves. This ensures razor-sharp image reproduction and high colour fidelity even with demanding HDR content.

The use of a high-contrast floor scissor screen in home cinema offers numerous advantages. The projection surface optimally reflects the light from the projector and creates an impressive contrast ratio. This makes bright areas of the picture even more radiant and dark scenes more detailed. You'll experience increased image depth and realistic colour reproduction that brings your films and videos to life.
Our celexon HomeCinema CLR screen impresses not only with its technical but also with its practical features. The Tension rope tensioning system makes installation quick and easy, while the robust construction guarantees a long service life. In addition, we offer an installation and delivery service to make the whole process as convenient as possible.

The range is rounded off with matching accessories for the celexon HomeCinema CLR series, allowing you to optimise your home cinema experience even further. From additional mounting options to practical cleaning products, we have everything you need to get the most out of your screen.

All in all, the celexon HomeCinema CLR series offers the ideal solution for home cinema fans who value first-class picture quality and an impressive cinema experience. Immerse yourself in gripping films, exciting series and thrilling sporting events - at any time and in the best quality.

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