Optoma W371

Optoma W371
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Product description

Optoma W371

Suitable for
  • 30% Business
  • 40% School
  • 30% Private

Saturated colors

Regardless of whether it's films, TV shows or video games: Optoma projectors deliver impressively rich colors in every environment and for every content. Our home cinema projectors work with the Rec.709 color scheme, the international HDTV standard, to ensure accurate color reproduction.

High contrast ratio Give your pictures more depth - a high contrast ratio makes whites appear lighter and blacks appear deep black. This brings your images to life and texts appear sharp and clear - ideal for business and teaching.

Full 3D

Optoma projectors can display 3D content from virtually any 3D source - including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D TV shows and game consoles.

Built-in speaker

Save time and effort on external speakers - the built-in loudspeaker delivers great sound.

Eco +

The Eco + technology combines high contrast, extended lamp life and energy-saving features that ensure lower power consumption. Energy-saving With the specially designed lamp modes, you can reduce power consumption by up to 70%. Each mode also has a positive effect on the life of the lamp and reduces maintenance and operating costs.

Quick resume

If the projector is accidentally switched off, you can switch it on again immediately thanks to this feature.

Eco AV mute

Stay in control during your presentation with the ECO-AV mute function. Get your audience's attention by fading away from the screen when the image is not needed. This immediately reduces power consumption by up to 70% and also extends the life of your lamp.

Direct power on

The projector turns on immediately when the power is applied. This avoids additional switching on via remote control or keyboard - ideal for use in rooms with a "master" power switch

Automatic shutdown function

Turn off your projector immediately without hesitation. This means you don't have to wait for the projector to cool down before turning it off.

Automatic shutdown function

There are times when the projector is on even though it is not needed. In order to save energy in these cases, the automatic switch-off function ensures that the projector is switched off after a predetermined time.

24/7 operation

24/7 operation - the standard lamp guarantee applies. The projector warranty is based on standard usage within a normal working day. For optimum performance, it is recommended that you switch it off or on standby every 24 hours for 30 minutes to extend the life of the lamp. "

  • Product dimensions (height): 10.8 cm
  • Product dimensions (width) : 31.6 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth) : 24.4 cm
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