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Discover the world of Acer at! Acer stands for outstanding technology, impressive design and user-friendly features that enrich and simplify your digital life. With the successful product series such as Acer P-series, H-, M-, L-series, C-, B-series, AOpen, X-series, G-series and the Vero series, we offer solutions for a wide range of requirements, from everyday applications to business solutions and high-end gaming.

Acer places great emphasis on quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. This is reflected in the durability and reliability of their products. In addition, Acer is continuously committed to environmentally friendly technologies and production processes to protect our planet.


Acer laser projectors: Discover sustainable projectors with a long-lasting laser light source!

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Acer Vero Series: Sustainability meets innovation in projectors and monitors

In today's world, sustainability is becoming more and more important. Environmentally friendly products and processes are not only important for the well-being of our earth, but also for the image of a company. Acer, one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer hardware and electronics, has recognised this and developed the Vero series. This projector and monitor series stands for sustainability and environmental protection without sacrificing innovative technologies and performance.

With the Vero series, Acer shows that sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand. The environmentally friendly orientation of the products, which ranges from production to use to disposal, makes the Vero series an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users. At the same time, the projectors and monitors impress with their performance, image quality and user-friendliness. Acer thus sets an example for responsible action in the electronics industry and proves that technology and environmental protection are compatible.

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Acer has taken an important step towards a more sustainable future with the Vero series. The company shows that it not only cares about technological innovation , but also about protecting our environment and conserving resources. It is to be expected that Acer will continue to focus on environmentally friendly technologies in the coming years and expand its product range in this respect.

Overall, the Acer Vero series is a promising development that shows that consumers today no longer have to choose between environmental protection and technical performance. With the growing importance of sustainability and environmental awareness among consumers and businesses, the Vero series is sure to appeal to many users and help reduce the environmental impact of the electronics industry

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As the German market leader for DLP project ors, Acer offers you one of the most diverse product ranges on the market. Especially in the field of home cinema and business project ors, Acer has a high-quality product portfolio, which is supplemented by mobile pico or gaming projectors.

Acer projectors offer a diverse selection of models tailored to different areas of use. Whether in a professional environment, home cinema or for mobile use - the various series from Acer offer high-quality projectors that impress with their innovative technology, user-friendliness and good price-performance ratio. With the wide range of projector series, every user will find the right model for their individual needs.

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Our visunext projection area calculator

With our projection surface calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the optimum projection distance and the appropriate image size for your projection.

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Acer monitors - variety and performance for every need

With a wide range of monitor series, Acer offers the right solution for every user and every application.

Acer is known for its large selection of monitor series, which offer a diverse range for the most varied requirements. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a professional graphic designer, you will find the right model for every need at Acer. The monitors rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as IPS, VA and TN panel technology, high refresh rates and fast response times to ensure excellent picture quality and performance.

In addition to their technical features, Acer monitors also impress with their attractive design and ergonomic properties. The well thought-out design ensures a high level of comfort during use and facilitates work at the monitor. Furthermore, Acer scores with an excellent price-performance ratio by offering monitors in different price classes without compromising on quality. Thus, Acer offers a suitable model for every need and every budget, which convinces with technology, design and price.

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